Ever Feel Like You’re Playing Where’s Waldo?

I know that man of you were my loyal blog readers long before I made the switch over to this beautiful new home of mine, BUT many of you have emailed me wondering where things are that you are no longer able to find.  That is a problem, this change over was meant to make things easier, not more frustrating.  I wanted to show you some NEW features of my blog as well, that WILL make your life easier and less frustrating.  However many of you are unfamiliar with them, or just don’t have the time to “find” them on here.  So I made a quick tutorial for you!!

Please note that normally I have captions on ALL my videos, I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work today, so there are not as many, BUT for those of my readers who are HOH or Hearing Impaired please know that if you just click along with the prompts you will see the new features for my site.


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This program rewards you for your purchases!

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