Owl Punch it’s NO BULL!!

This OWL PUNCH is no BULL!! Ok, so I think i am starting to loose my mind or I am just really good at BAD jokes!! I had a request to create a BULL from one of my wonderful blog readers, and here is my best attempt- I am thinking he is more of a cross between a COW and a BULL– LOL!!
owl punch
I think it’s funny how he looks totally sleepy.  I think it silly how his feet are SO tiny and his body and head are so large, these kinds of things make me giggle!  He was easy to create though.  
I used the OWL body for his head and his body, and then the largest circles in the punch are for his white nose and his largest eye part. Then I used the med. circle shapes for the inside of the eye and the black nose parts.  Then I punched the Med. circle into Daffodil card stock, and then punched the largest one around it to create the hook in his nose. His horns are just his ears cut in half and flipped to face each other. BadaBing- your done!
Here is what I used for this guy:
PUNCHES: Owl Punch
Be ready too, tomorrow I am coming back with an actual project, LOL!! I have felt kind of bad lately taking the easy way out on my blog, just posting these little critters, but I have been so busy with other aspects of my business and family that I just couldn’t make other more elaborate things.  Forgive me, *grin*.
I know I gave many of you a TEASER on Saturday, and today my MAILING LIST MEMBERS will receive that special announcement at 11 AM CST- I am so excited about it, I can’t wait!! So if you want to hear what this SUPER-AWESOME-FANTASTIC-UNBELIEVEABLEANNOUNCEMENT is you can CLICK HERE and join my mailing list NOW!!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a friend who loves cows. Thanks for the great addition to a card for her! Did you think about adding a tail with some Early Espresso bakers twine?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Erin, I love, love, love the punch art!!! You are doing a great job. I can hardly wait each day to see what you come up with!! Congratulations on the app – I will check it out at the Google store. Paula

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