What Is And How To JOIN The Hand Stamped Style Hostess Club

So you are interested in JOINING or finding out MORE about the HAND STAMPED STYLE HOSTESS CLUB…   
It is a great opportunity to grow your stamp collection and budget your spending at the same time.  Let me outline the way the HSS club works.
Spending Commitment:  Each member (6 total) commits to submit a minimum of a $35 order in Stampin’ Up! Catalog product, bi-monthly for a 12 months term. (not including ship and tax).
Hostess Benefits:Each member (6 total) will receive hostess benefits for the club during one of the months during the term.  When YOU are the hostess,
you have 3 ways to increase your available benefits:
  1.  Use just the club totals to calculate your benefits.  You are guaranteed at least $35 Hostess Rewards to use on Stampin’ Up! merchandise.
  2. You may collect outside orders to increase your club totals and receive MORE Stampin’ Up! products for FREE. 
  3. Book a home workshop during YOUR hostess month.  You’ll already be receiving hostess benefits from the club, any additional orders placed will increase your
    hostess benefits.  Please contact me to reserve your date!
Benefits for being in MY Hand Stamped Style Hostess Club: Each member of a hostess club get the following benefits in ADDITION to the catalog benefits
  1. For NEW club members I give you your first FREE Snail Adhesive and for returning members I give you ONE FREE refill at the beginning of your
    club run .
  2. Club members gets to attend A COMPLIMENTARY SAMPLER class (or receive the class kit instead) of the same month you submit your club order.
  3. Automatically get a stamp on YOUR REWARDS CARD, and earn even more FREE PRODUCTS.
  4. Club members get to attend MY exclusive invite-only Hostess Appreciation Event, held annually.
Ordering:  Orders should be emailed in or called in to me, Erin Gonzales, by the 15th of your  designated club month.   Please mark your calendars now, as soon as I
have 6 people we start!  Please include the following information with each item when EMAILING your order in:

  • Item number 
  • Name of Item 
  • Price
If I have not received your order by the night of 15th, don’t panic.  I will send you a reminder email, or give you a call.  The club depends on each member sending in
her order in a timely fashion.  In order for the hostess to receive her benefits, ALL of the orders must be submitted together.
Payment: I am going to ask each member to keep a credit card on file with me to use for your club order payment.  (I accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover).  From my experience, customers tend to prefer the ease of credit cards, as opposed to writing a check each month.  Credit card processing (for the 6 club meetings) is also a little easier for my record keeping as well.  Even though you are asked to keep a credit card on file you can always pay with cash or check if you prefer.  Please be sure to contact me for your order total PRIOR to the 15th of the month so that you can mail me your order payment to be received BY the 15th.
Product Delivery:Because this club consists of members who do not know all of the other members, I will have the order shipped to me, and we can make individual
arrangements for delivery, or pick up.  Generally speaking, once I place the club order with Stampin’ Up!, the order will arrive in about 8-10 days (typically sooner). I will email/TXT your group as soon as I have orders ready.
Now that you have ALL the details, are your ready to JOIN?! If you would like to become a member of my local HOSTESS CLUB EMAIL ME TODAY, and I will get you the proper paper work to submit to reserve your spot.  If you have further questions PLEASE, feel free to contact me at any time.  I know that this may be somewhat confusing for new stampers, and I am more than happy to assist.  Don’t wait, EMAIL ME TODAY TO JOIN!!!