Funny story… OK, so maybe this isn’t SO “funny” as it is frustrating…  I was visiting with my SIL yesterday while taking care of a customer package delivery issue, I get off the phone and she says to me, “I heard you tell that person we were having class on the last Sat. next month, but didn’t your husband tell you the Family was getting together the week before?  I just figured you would come into town and change the class date so you don’t have to travel twice…”  I was like, “Wha?”

Yeah, SO when my hubs and kids went to Thanksgiving WITHOUT me (because I had the flu) he decided to make PLANS and NEVER TOLD me!!  I registered for a FUN Graffiti Run with my BFF Erica for the weekend I am now going to be gone, AND I need to do some SWITCH-A-ROO with a few classes…  So I ask my hubs last night at dinner, “Hey, was there anything planned during Thanksgiving that I was supposed to me made aware of?”  His reply, “…. Um, no… why?”  Then my SIL laughs and says, “remember the 40th Celebration for you Brother and I?”  Hubs reply, ” Ooooohhhhh, yeah- we are going down there for that.”  I was like, “UGH!! That’s why I double checked that date with YOU before I registered for that RUN!!!”  Hubs reply, ” oh…”

So, WHY am I telling you all this??  Well, one to give you an idea of what my life is like (LOL!!) BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY… to let you know that the class dates for the SAMPLER CLASS (announced yesterday) have to change.

Here are the NEW UPDATED class dates:

NOTE- the NEWLY updated class dates for JAN!!

NOTE- the NEWLY updated class dates for JAN!!

There are 3 dates available now for this class-

FRIDAY, JANUARY 24th from 7-9 PM

SATURDAY, JANUARY 25th from 6-8 PM

TUESDAY, JANUARY 28th from 10:30-12:30 PM

To register for this class use the cart button below, and to see FULL SAMPLER PROJECT PICS CLICK HERE.

I hope you can make it, this class will be awesome!!


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