No STAMPING Today, What?!!

Happy Saturday Stampers!!
It is sad to say that today’s post is not crafty related…. for those of you who may not know or seen my personal FB updates here is what I was up to yesterday–>
 So as some of you know I LOVE to work out, which is ironic cause I am by NO means thin. Yesterday I was in my favorite class Cardio Groove taught by my very good friend Jocelyn and she teaches a GREAT class!!  If any of you are members of Spectrum Clubs in SA you really should check her out!! So I was getting my GROOVE on- great music, fantastic dancing friends and just an all around great way to burn some calories- THEN I jumped into the air during the Lady Gaga song (can’t remember the name) I came down landed on the outside of my foot and SNAP- my ankle rolled!
So needless to say, I walked out of the class AFTER falling straight to the floor- SO GRACEFUL!!! After a few hours of thinking it wouldn’t be bad… it grew to this and I needed to know for sure if it was just a really bad sprain or a small brake… LUCKY for me it was just some torn ligaments and severely sprained but not broken!  The thing that kills me the most is when the Dr. said it would be 2-3 weeks before I could go back to the gym… ummm no!  I am not crazy and wont re-injure myself but I can’t be out of commission that long.  I am going to slowly work back to my normal schedule after next week. I think that a little down time is needed but to stop using my ankle will keep it from getting back to normal, in my mind. :)
So, there is NO stamping this weekend (cause I have no chair at my desk) but I hope by resting this weekend by next week I will be back into the swing of things… don’t fret classes will go on as scheduled. It takes more than a cankle to knock me down!
Have a great weekend and I hope to have an MDS crafty project for you tomorrow, I can do that sitting on my rear! :) Take Care~


  1. Ouch! Sending get well wishes’

  2. Ouch! Sending get well wishes!

  3. Erin – so sorry to see your ankle and read about your injury. Do NOT push it! I had the same go-go mentality when I injured mine and it got WORSE. Heal soon! (sorry about the baaaad foot pun!) LOL

  4. Uh oh, no gym!! Feel better girl, that looks ouchie. I see lots of digital projects in your future with all of that sittin’ around. :)

  5. that foot looks nasty–Greg said it looked like my ankles when i was pregnant-ha ha! but listen…stop being sooooo stubborn and listen to the dr! no working out for you, you’ll make it worse and it won’t heal completely. maybe you could do meditation for those 2-3 weeks instead!

  6. Erin so sorry to hear about your ankle. You really would have been better off if you had broken it.

  7. So sorry – listen to the doctors Sprains can often take much more time to heal than a break.

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