NEW Year NEW Me!!

I want to wish EVERYONE a HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR on this Eve of 2013!!  I plan on spending a quiet evening at home PARTYING with my family- playing games, dancing, and enjoying the last of the junk food before my “STRICT FOOD CHOICES” as of the new year, LOL!!  I refuse to call it a diet, cause I really should be eating this way all the time, HAHAHA-

BUT with a NEW YEAR there will be some NEW things here on my BLOG- you may have already noticed some changes depending on which pages you have visited already.  My updates to the blog are a work in progress and I wont have them ALL done by a certain date, BUT I did want to give you a peak as to what will change.
As you may know, I provide many LOCAL classes here at my home each month AND for most of those classes I have started to offer a CLASS KIT, well starting in 2013 EVERY CLASS will have a CLASS KIT OPTION as well.  Typically I offer the Class Kits JUST during the month that I am offering the local class, BUT that will change.  As of 2013, these CLASS KITS will be available to purchase year round.  You can find those class kits by clicking on this NEW sidebar button-
 Each class will be available as a “PLANNER” or tutorial form as well.  This is a great option for fellow Demo’s who would like to use my projects for class ideas.  You can purchase the Class Tutorials to recreate the projects for your classes but I respectfully ask that you NOT reprint, pass out, copy, or sell my tutorial as your own class.  You are more than welcome to recreate the projects provided in the tutorials and develop a class around the project you recreated, but please do not redistribute my material, thank you. :-)
 Another change for 2013… I plan on offering a NEW monthly ONLINE CLASS available for purchase!  This will be different and not as elaborate as the Virtual Club Class but you can plan on seeing a NEW one each month, and you will LOVE to see what I have in mind!!  There will be some months where there are MORE online classes than normal, like January for instance.  There are certain months where I have family events conflict with class dates therefor I will offer that class as an ONLINE option so that you don’t go without.
You will notice (or should shortly, LOL!) that my Stampin’ Up! Catalogs, Blog Awards, and a few other categories are now shown as a slide show in my sidebar.  I hope that you like the NEW addition, and in order to view those items simply CLICK on the rotating pictures and you will land on a page with ALL the info you are looking for.  I am hoping that these changes will clean up the “clutter” from my side bars and make my blog easier to navigate.
There are more changes to come but I thought I would share just a few of them with you today, I am so thankful for each and every person that takes the time to stop by my little site, I hope you get some inspiration and motivation to craft for yourself.  I am really looking forward to another crafty year to share with each of you and can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for us all!!


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