NEW Updates To MY Craft Room!!!

Good Afternoon Stampers!  I was looking at those photos from my craft room from my previous post a few weeks ago, and it totally bugs me when things don’t coordinate and match to an extent… SO I had some changes to make in my room.  I decided that I needed my punches to be displayed or I tend not to use them.  So I started to think, and get those hamsters in my head BUSY!!!
 FIRST, I painted all my little white storage drawers black so they coordinated better and the attention wasn’t immediately focused on them.  I think now they just blend in and are seen as a cohesive part of the room.  I am still working on a storage thing that fits in my ink pad carousel that will hold my markers, so they are broken up in different color families.
 Here is the new punch storage I created.  I have two, one on either side of my tables.  I bought a large piece of peg board and had it cut in half.  I painted them and finished them by adding ribbon along the edges.  I attached my Ikea towel racks. I had to attach a 1×1 strip of wood along the top and bottom of the peg board to allow me the ability to mount this to my walls.  I wanted to use these boards to prevent me from making a million holes in my wall, instead I have 4 holes- MUCH better.  Each board holds 4 rods.  I am making 2 more of these to put up on the opposite side of the room.  one over my sewing area and one over my photo area.  I can mount and store items I need for those areas RIGHT there- genus!!!

 Here are the pictures that I made a while ago, I thought they fit nicely in between my punch storage displays.  Some simple frames, DSP, Definitely Decorative words, embellishments and BAM- art!

 Here is the opposite side of my table with my other storage drawers are, and my color scraps and such. I was amazed at how quickly the paint dried and they don’t even stick together, I took the top one off and no crackling sounds or anything!!
 Here is a longer image of how the table tops look, yeah there are a few items that are out but I was in the middle of being creative when I took these pics.  I am going to get a few more of those Stampin’ Up! ribbon holders and they will hang from my new punch storage.  Here is an up close of those fabric covers I made as well.  I think that I am going to get some zippers and sew those into the center to give a more finished look and to keep it closed better.

 Here is the mess that I am hiding inside… ugh, when I open this I get depressed.  I hate the mish-mash and chaos that it appears to be in here. On the other side are all my stamp sets and cleaners.  My business items are on one side and the creative stuff on the other side
 I hope that you liked today’s update to my room, I am trying to make it more comfortable so that I am more motivated to be MORE crafty.  I gets super chilly in my room when its cold outside, so I did buy myself a space heater and plan on putting it to work this week.  I have a LOT of samples to get done before Saturday.  So until next time~~  TTFN


  1. I can’t stand the mish mash I have in my room either. I have black furniture, too and those little white boxes. What kind of paint did you use? I’d like to blend them in with the other furniture. Looks like a very nice place to be!!!

  2. I also love the black drawers in the center of the table – very pretty!!

  3. WOW!! Everything looks great! That fabric is such a cool way to hide the “mess” you speak of…although I don’t see it! Lol! Where did you get those drawers on the center of the table? They look vintage. I LOVE them!

  4. What an awesome craft room, I took over a corner or the guest room, some day……

  5. I really like the whole look of your craft room. I don’t see what “mess” your talking about, it looks organized behind the fabric. I can’t wait to see what you come up with now. TFS.

  6. Great job! I love the yellow you chose, so bright. And the fabric to hide the “mess” Brilliant!!

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