Mystery Hostess Contest Ending TODAY & MORE FREE!!

Well another Convention has come to a close… as sad as it is I am happy and honestly excited to get back home.  I am always so motivated and inspired after leaving Convention, and this year is no different.  I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many things to put together for upcoming classes and kits and incentives- I just want to explode!!!!
Here is a brief look at how the day started- 
Yep, I am the HULK!!! I swear this is like summer camp, LOL!!
We have gotten SO much FREE stuff this year, many of which I already own (trying to get prepared for class samples and such) that I just don’t know what to do with the excess… SO yesterday during Convention I announced on my FACEBOOK PAGE that I was going to do a spontaneous give-away!! So clearly, I am traveling back home today so I can’t pick a winner JUST yet, but here is what the lucky FACEBOOK FAN will win-
I will announce the winner on Monday- If you are not already a FACEBOOK FAN see what you miss out on!! POP over there today so you don’t miss out again.  MAN do I have A LOT to do before I leave for another FAMILY VACAY!!!
I also wanted to give you a FINAL REMINDER that TODAY is the LAST DAY to enter into the MYSTERY HOSTESS CONTEST CONVENTION EDITION- 
there is a MAGNET PLATFORM up for grabs and you can earn even more with the added STAMPERS REWARD PROGRAM that I offer as well- FULL DETAILS HERE!

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