My NEW Studio Duds…

Good Evening Stampers!!!  Ok, so I know I promised a peek at my NEW stamp room months ago… and yeah, I am finally done with everything in there, for now at least.  I am still getting used to my NEW duds and although I didn’t take a pic of this, but my NEW room is upstairs and there are 14 YEP Fourteen stairs to get up there. Yes, I am trying to LOVE all the extra leg exercise… not there yet.
So Here is the room as you see it through the hallway… from the mountain of stairs. I found these hutches on CraigsList for just $60 each.  They are matching and are in perfect shape… I took about a week or so and watched that site religiously for some eclectic or great shape items for my new room, and when I saw these I had to snatch them up!
So at the top of wither one I have my shoe boxes and my large keepsake boxes which are FULL of my Big Shot dies and parts… Then inside the shelves there are my Clear Mount stamps and my Big Shot, all my ribbon scraps and paints and then my slew of Tai Pan boxes.  I love the fact that I have enough of these boxes to make an even display along the 2 hutches.  I am so OCD!!!

Here is the other one, and yes it is perfectly matched… for the most part.  I have my wood mount sets, then my rain gutter ribbon display that I spray painted black to blend in with the furniture.  Then my matching boxes.  I know in this photo my ribbons look funky because the reflection of them is on the glass top table too…

On my actual crafting space I added a drapery rod on the side of my table to place my freezer paper to.  This is so easy and accessible for when I need to make an applique.

Here is a full shot of my hutch… I love that there are doors on these things, you would die if you saw how messy the inside of this thing is… whew!
Here is my center station.  I have my punch boards mounted to the wall, then below one of my two Ikea tables housing my storage drawers and markers and all.  Then under the table I have put my paper storage, which I love because they used to be under my crafting space and I ran into them with my feet all the time.  I love their new home!!!
Here is a full shot of the other hutch… I will say keeping the dust off these things is a task.  The black shows everything, dust, paper shavings and all.

Here is a close up of my ribbon storage.  These things are almost completely perfect except that my larger rolls of 1/4″ grosgrain spools are slightly too large for an easy fit, but they go in well enough.

A closer look at my paper storage, I have to say that these things are awesome!  I roll them when I need them moved and then they hold SO much inside too- these were well worth the price!

So with my other Ikea table I placed it in front of my stamp space and that is where my kids can sit and get crafty when I am in my office.  I have a lifetime supply of Popsicle sticks for my son, that seems to be his favorite thing to craft with these days.  Silly kid, he’s just like his Mama!

Here is a shot of my closet in the room… or is it??

Surprise!! When you open it you see my office space.  All of my WORK items are in here… although my computer is missing from this shot.  I was sitting on the couch surfing blogs right before these photos were takes :)  I have a spot for it there though… somewhere.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, I don’t know about you but I love seeing stamping spaces from others… I love to move my rooms around so when I see a new configuration or another space that inspires me, I change things up a bit… I am moving rooms around in my house all the time, you would hate to be married to me.  Sometimes my husband comes home and doesn’t recognize the home he has just stepped into. I hope you take a moment to pop on over to Hand Stamped Sentiments too and share with us a cool project that you made this week…
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