My NEW duds…

So Stampers~ whatcha’ think?!  I did some messin’ around today since I couldn’t do anything else, “why?” you ask…  Oh, it’s kinda funny.  I am SO sunburned from taking my kids to the pool yesterday, seriously for only like 2 hours.  I guess when you live in TX where it is 900 MILLION degrees outside you should lather on the sunscreen no matter how much or how little time you spend in the sun. 
I digress, so I have been dying to create a cartoon of me for some time now- well I finally did today.  I think it kind of looks like me. :)  I did the rest of this design with My Digital Studio (MDS)~ Can I just tell you we learned some COOL tips and tricks with this digital crafting tool at convention.  YOU have to come with me next year- JOIN MY TEAM NOW and come along with me and take part in all the joy and craziness that is CONVENTION!!!!  Don’t forget that only until JULY 30th your can get your starter kit for JUST $99– what a steal!!!  You don’t HAVE to be a business minded demo, you can be what we call a “hobby” demo that just enjoys being a part of a FAB group (like mine *wink*) and getting a great discount on FAB products.


  1. Look at you!! Love your digi-twin! (especially the highlights, wink, wink!) Awesome blog makeover! Hope you have lots of aloe for that sunburn, ouch. :)

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