My Make-Shift PERCH!!

OK- so it’s time for an ankle update… I have been trying to be as good as I can to my little ankle (or cankle) by not being on it that much.  I will be honest, I thought I could push myself to do normal stuff within a day or two- YEAH RIGHT!!  This thing HURTS, and I will be the first to admit that it has really put a cramp in my style!! I was finding that I was really becoming depressed (seriously, it isn’t that hard for me to get there- I need people to talk to and sunlight!) SO I had to get back into my studio, so my hubby and I devised a way…
I basically would crawl around the house on my knees with my foot pointed in the air- I can’t believe HOW MUCH FASTER I can move like that versus hobbling around on my feet- SO FRUSTRATING!!! So I would crawl from room to room, and I am even faster going UP the stairs, my hubby thought it was freaky cause it reminded him of that weird girl from the “Ring” or one of those freaky shows.
I would stand at my desk and put my leg up on my bar stool- PERFECT!!!
At least for about an hour, then my left leg would start to fatigue and shake.  My daughter said I looked like a flamingo with one leg up in the air… No one said crafting was glamorous, LOL!!
Here are some comparison pictures, sadly they don’t look SO different.  The one on the left is my first day, that was taken either shortly before or after we went to the Dr. (I believe it was before??)  The one on the right was taken yesterday.  You would be shocked to see how fast I am on this thing now.  I can’t run or dance on it yet but I can walk pretty well and with just a hint of gimpi-ness. I was sad to see that my most recent one actually looks fatter (or swollen??) than the first one- UGH!!! I didn’t realize that my entire foot got swollen, even my arch.  Notice the toe ring is gone… yep- luckily I iced my toes long enough to squeeze that sucker off before I had to cut it off- I did that during one of my pregnancies.
Thanks so much to everyone who sent well wishes, and I am relieved to be getting back to normal life!! Now onto something crafty… :-)


  1. Jodie Swartzlander says:

    Erin, believe me I feel your pain. I have been struggling with knee and back pain for years(almost 7 now) I tore the maniscus and the acl in one knee and the maniscus in the other plus,I also have degenitive disc disease.I work at a convienence store and I’m on my feet at least 8 hours a day! Sometimes the pain is so bad when I get home I can barely get in my apartment! Yet through it all I am thankful to God that I can still go, it’s true I can’t move very fast but I’m still moving!Things will get better with each day for you and please know that you are in my prayers daily! Jodie

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