MY Digital Studio!!!

I got this JUST 2 days ago, and I am so computer ILLITERATE!!! So I sat down with it and listened to one WEBINAR and honestly it is SUPER easy to use. So I gathered a few of the pictures that I have available on my PC (they are mostly cataloged on our home server, which I need a tutorial on how to access again- hubby is super tech savvy!) I inserted my pics and changed a few of the stamps and embellishments and BAM- I had a book! These are just a few pages from the book I created.

Don’t my kids look like they are having fun? I guess I should add that in this pic they were just informed we were leaving, and not that happy about it. I need to do some journaling- huh?? What is SO cool is you can download additional stamp sets and embellishments to the software, you can begin to download them starting OCT. 1st!! You don’t have to have My Digital Studio in order to use it, you can download them onto your system and use it with Adobe or any other software that accepts .jpg or.png documents. I think you will find though that the MDS (My Digital Studio) MUCH easier to use than ANY OTHER software around!

I love honestly that this software is NOT just for scrapbooking. You can use it basically as DESIGN SOFTWARE, you can use it to make cards, flyer’s, templates, scrap maps, blogs, DVD and CD’s too! I honestly didn’t know all of that when I got it- (which if you didn’t read before) FOR FREE!!! I would have paid full price for it though!!! I am super excited to get all my photos scanned (years 1-3 of the kids, there really isn’t that much, you don’t realize how little time you had then till you look back at like 50 pictures…seriously) and cataloged and then I am going to go CRAZY with this stuff!!!

My Blog might have a few face lift changes as well, once I have played with it a bit more…I want to be able to incorporate our DSP (that I LOVE so much) and images onto my blog- FO SHO!!! I hope you enjoyed looking and can’t wait to see what I have tomorrow!!!


  1. Nicole Fabian says:

    k-love it. when are we gonna get to play and see how it works?

  2. Oh My Gosh! So cute. I can’t wait to get mine and play with it. Really great pages!

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