MDS Monday- Tweaked Template

Making cards in a FLASH is SUPER EASY with MDS (My Digital Studio)!  When I am short on time or say stuck in an airport… I can crank out several cards with MDS in no time.  If I am really short on time to come up with a design or idea for a card I rely on the fantastic TEMPLATES that MDS has within its program for us, I created this weeks project while sitting in the airport.  I don’t have the hybrid version for this week BUT I took a simple template and tweaked it to make it my own.
Here is the origonal template that I used (it is on a white background which is why you can’t see where the edges are):
Can you see the slight details on the original template?  I thought they were a little subtle for such a fun and vibrant card.  So I decided to take it up a notch and added many more embellishments and came up with this:
I gave mine a border and added a TON of embellishments as well.  I think it made a much more fun, if not busy card- LOL!!  Give MDS a try it is really easy- Here is a little tutorial on how you can create with a card template in MDS.

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