MDS Monday Scrap Layout

It’s SUMMER!! I am so thrilled to have a relaxed day to have fun with my kids at the pool, hopefully the weather will cooperate?? It is another MDS Monday!! I have a fun scrapbook layout to share with everyone today~!
I used the digi pennant punch shape and rotated it up and down… then layered the zig-zag shape from the digi tastefully trim punch. I added a layer of stitching over the zig-zags and a few more embellishments to complete this page.  I love the background, but I am sad that the pictures get lost in the pattern of the background… oh well that is the FANTASTIC thing about creating with My Digital Software– you don’t waste paper by trying NEW things!
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  1. I was wondering how the kids could still look just like they did when you were here in CO. Then I saw the date – 2008. Okay, that makes sense! LOL!! I’ll be looking forward to seeing more recent pics of them someday in your layouts… haha!!

    Love to you all!!
    “Miss” Sheri

  2. Anonymous says:

    Erin, I love that SB page showing your family. Great looking family and I imagine the kids are far more grown up looking now. Kids grow up too fast! Enjoy them while they are at home. Great grandma speaking!

    Popping the pictures on that SB page. Wonder if a white mat and then a red frame behind the mat. Just a thought.


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