Man was I SORE!!!

Afternoon Stampers!  I am here to share a NON-STAMPING project today.  I mentioned earlier that I would share my deck project with you as soon as I completed it, well I finally did.  It took me about 2 weeks but I did it!  I started by power washing the deck that took me about 4 days and man was the temperature still cool outside but I pushed through.  Then I took a day to get all the right supplies and had to wait a few days for a rain storm to pass through- then finally the day to start came…
Here is what it looked like after I power washed it and removed about 90% of the stain that was basically coming off on its own. 
The darker areas are like that cause my husband forgot to turn off the sprinklers, that is until I came running and screaming into the house that I need them off until I am completely done!!!

 Here is a view of the entire thing, there are 3 levels basically- oh and then the benches that aren’t seen in the photos…

 Are you ready to see the final outcome?  I was SO thrilled with the final result.  I used a solid stain and it was thicker like paint- which was completely different from the transparent stain I used the first go around… that was thin and drippy and CRAP to try and put on.  I hated that. This thick stuff was great, I used a roller and put 90% of it on with that which made it SO much faster.  The bast part of this stuff was that once it dried it made the wood feel almost like that TREX-DEX stuff almost plastic-ie.  I did apply 2 coasts which I think was a great idea- it is seriously covered.  I then came back when I was done with the flat surfaces with a brush and did all the cracks and hard to reach places.  I have to admit that I took my time and it was WAY easier this go around- FO SHO!!!!
So here is the far level
 Stairs and lower level
A side view… 

 The entire thing… I felt so accomplished when it was all done.

 Well I hope that you enjoyed something completely different than usual and see all the hard work that I poured into this deck and I plan on keeping it up and baby-ing this thing so I don’t have to spend so much time on it next go around. :)  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by to take a peek see at my normal life.  Until next time~ TTFN


  1. That is gorgeous! I had no idea it as so big. You did a really great job! Did you have to do the upstairs balcony too?

  2. One word: WOW!! You really did an awesome job and should be proud of it! I’m sure you and your family are going to enjoy it in the coming months, too. Way to go! :)

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