Man am I LAZY!!!!

So I have not been feelin’ my crafty Mojo lately. I feel like I want to be crafty but the time and effort of getting things out and starting on a project seems so daunting to me right now. I think I am just spent from getting ready for Christmas and baking my brains out for my ladies I visit teach and my husband home teaching families and all of my WONDERFUL neighbors. So last night I made these BIG cookies for all my neighbors and a few of my friends from church, I didn’t take a pic- I had to deliver them before I cracked into them and ate them, SERIOUSLY I have NO self control!!!

These are Pretzel Hugs and I made a TON for my Visiting Teaching ladies and Home Teaching families for my husband. Honestly they should be renamed to sinful-butt enlarger poppers. They are the perfect balance of salty and chocolate, minty and sweet. AND they are small enough for you to POP into your mouth continuously one after another, after another, after another, after another, after another, after another- do you get the point. I had to package these and will be delivering these TOMORROW so I don’t crack into these either!!!!
I did a simple definitely decorative snow flake on these jars and will include a Christmas card for the families. I told you my Mojo was gone. I know there are a zillion cute things I could have done to these jars that would have made them much more adorable, but I just am not feelin’ it right now. I am hopeful that once Christmas passes I will feel inspired again.

Mission Impossible: should you choose to accept this mission… you will need the will power of a vegetarian (what ever that means?!) You can try this recipe for yourself, they are SUPER easy and quick to make but BAD for your back end~
My cousin (A.K.A. dealer) is the one who gave me the recipe for these sinful delights, you can find it here. Now that gal has some Mojo!! She has adorable things posted on there from her recent craft shows.

Well I hope you enjoyed this cute, quick item and I hope to return in a day or two with another (hopefully) cute project as well. Thanks for stopping by and until next time~ TTFN!

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