Make Your Dreams Come TRUE DAY!!

Yep!  That’s right, it’s the official “Make Your Dreams Come True Day!!”  I know that when I became a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator I made my dreams come true, and every day that continues…  I am so grateful for my cousin who exposed me to stamping and what eventually helped change my life and made my dreams come true.
Amazing ladies I met thanks to Stampin’ Up!
I had always wanted to be in business for myself and at the time of being introduced to Stampin’ Up! I co-owned a Staffing Agency, I realized that when you are in business with a partner you are not really in business for yourself- and that was hard and I hated the business as well- that didn’t make it any better.  Have you ever been in a place like that?  Working in a job that you dread, filling with anxiety every Sunday night knowing what awaits you tomorrow… getting crappy sleep cause you are having to deal with horrible office politics?  I hated that!!  When I found Stampin’ Up! I fell in love almost instantly, and I remember talking to my cousin on the way to a card class about really wanting to do classes and be a Demo FT!!
I remember running through all the places that I could find customers and offer classes, I was creating a business plan in my head.  I talked to my Upline at the time telling her that my dream was that one day I would be able to sell my staffing agency and do Stampin’ Up! full-time, an NOW I am blessed enough to do JUST THAT!!  You could be this blessed too, I know it’s hard to envision but believe me when I say that if I can do it, anyone can!!
Not that the work load is any easier but it is SOOO much more enjoyable & rewarding.  I am in complete control of my own destiny.  I decide how successful I want my business to be and the very best part of it all for me… hands down- it’s ALL the amazing ladies I have met and relationships I have formed.  I care so deeply for each and every one of my stampers.  I enjoy their personalities, humor, sweetness, thoughtfulness, friendships, and SO much more!  I know that if I had never become a Demonstrator, I would have missed out on a life changing experience.  I love helping my fellow Demo’s grow their business and become successful- it makes me warm and fuzzy inside!!
Stampin’ Up! Events are always the BEST!!
 If you have ever considered becoming a Demo, I can’t obviously say enough good things about it- but I am sure you have plenty of questions… PLEASE feel free to contact me and ask away!  I am open and honest, I will tell you truthfully everything you would like to know.  Nothing would make me happier than to help someone else find the joy that I have found- why wait,

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