Long Time, No See…

I know it has been SEVERAL days since my last post, and I am so sorry to stay away for so long…but I have eye candy to make up for it. **grin** I have been super busy getting re-stocked for another craft fair I have this weekend. If you are interested in coming to see me and getting any of the cool items I will have available I would LOVE to see you. I will be at James Madison High School from 10-5 both Sat. & Sun. 11/14-15. Here is the details and location.
Now on to the goodies!!! This is a version I have created of SANTA SWEETS, which has married my ideas with my cousins recipe for this CUTE project. You can see her recipe and her cute version by clicking HERE. So I had these paint pails decorated so that people could fill them with their own goodies and give as a cute gift item, but for some reason they were not selling??? I just think that sometime people can’t think of what kind of items you would put in them to give to someone, therefore they continued to sit on my shelves. So my answer was to repackage and include some great goodies to eat inside.

Each pail has a SANTA tag attached to it, on one side there is a SANTA punch made from all types of dies and punches. I made mine bigger then the one made in this tutorial. I mounted the SANTA onto a die cut TOP NOTE shape and then on the other side…
I printed the preparation directions for the SANTA SWEETS inside. I saw this tutorial about how to line up your pre-printed items onto the TOP NOTE die, BUT I can’t remember what blog I saw it on. I will look for it and if I can’t find it I will post the tutorial myself later next week.

Here is the pail lid that i decorated with a non-Stampin‘ Up! stamp, I embellished it with Crystal Effects and Cosmo Glitter. I attached the card stock piece to the top of the pail.

Here are the goodies the I included inside. I got the recipe from my cousin and you can see it here on her blog. She has some ADORABLE items on her blog also, take a look see!

Here are better pictures of the candy bar covers that I have made more of. I sold out of these SUPER FAST at my last show. I ran out of Creamy Caramel card stock so I had to improvise…I used window sheets to make the back of Thomas the Turkey. *grin* I kind of like that people can see the candy bar, since when people would pick these up they would look at it like, “Cute, BUT what is it…” This way they know right away what the items is.

I will tell you that this little guy takes FOREVER to make. I only made 20 of them and man are there a lot of steps to get this guy to come to life. But he is cute, huh.?

I include a full Hershey’s Bar, I get them in bulk at Costco and these openings might even hold the kind with almonds…I am just nervous about people and their nut allergies these days. So I stick to the good old standby- PURE CHOCOLATE!!!

Here is what the sleeve looks like with nothing in it. I hope you can see it since it is clear, didn’t quite think about that when I took this photo.

Here is the other cover I made, good old Saint Nick. I tried to make him look happier but I was only able to make him look totally angry, which is not the look that I wanted to give him. So he just ends up looking exhausted and fed-up…some Christmas spirit, huh?

Here is a close up of him, he was a much faster cover to make!

Of course, what post would be complete with out a picture of Saint Nick’s backside?? Definitely not mine! **grin** I moved his sleeve up a little higher so it wouldn’t look like he is bodiless, but I should have covered the hat part in Real Red card stock instead of using Blush Blossom all the way up.

I wanted to show you the sleeve up close, this one will only fit the plain Hershey’s bar, not the one with Almonds.

Well I hope you enjoyed the items I shared with you today, but I would LOVE to see your comments and for you to become a follower as well. Please leave me a note about your thoughts on this post or any other post you have seen here on my blog. If you would like to join and become a follower please see the wijit on the right side bar near the bottom. Thanks for stopping by and we will see you next week and until then TTFN~

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