TODAY IS THE DAY!!  I have been listening to “Tiny Bubbles” for 2 days now, and I can envision being on the beach.  I can’t wait to experience TODAY’S CATALOG KICKOFF LUAU and in the spirit of things I have a TON of things to share.  I will keep this SHORT and to the point so I don’t confuse, LOL!

There are a TON of ways that you can earn tickets to enter in the drawings for FREEBIES!!  To see what they all are- CHECK OUT THIS POST.  Some have emailed me with questions, let me answer those quickly.

One of the ways to earn tickets is to share and post about Hand Stamped Style on Facebook, and some have asked how to “TAG” HSS on your page… it’s simple, FIRST- you need to have LIKED my HSS FACEBOOK PAGE. Then SECOND– in your status update you will need to add ” @Hand Stamped Style (copy and past that into your status update for ease) and your status update will be shared on my page too!

The other thing I have received questions on is how to write a “REVIEW” on my HSS APP.  In order to do this you need to FIRSTINSTALL THE HSS APP on your mobile device (either your phone or tablet) to find out how to do that CLICK HERE and select either Google Play (for Android) or iTunes (for Apple). SECOND– click on the WRITE A REVIEW on the page, you have to scroll down to see it- let me show you…

Here is what the screen looks like for Androids

write a review for HSS APP http://www.handstampedstyle.com

Screen image on left is the install page, screen image on right is view when you scroll down the page.

Here’s how it looks for Apple devices through iTunes

write a review for HSS APP http://www.handstampedstyle.com

Once installed, click the WRITE A REVIEW on the screen.

I hope that this helps clarify how to earn these tickets.  Don’t forget there are awesome DEALS going on today as well, if you missed them you can CHECK THEM OUT IN THIS POST!

I have also been asked by current customers to see where they are with their REWARD CARDS, don’t know what that is- CLICK HERE to find out more. If you want to see how many cards you have earned CLICK HERE, look for your last name.

Finally, there are some who never saw my list of RETIRED STAMP SETS LIST that was shared with my mailing list almost 2 weeks ago… which means that you are not on my MAILING LIST, which means you are missing out on my monthly STYLE SHEETS and so much more… SO SAD!!  But you can easily FIX this, simply CLICK HERE to fill out the form and JOIN TODAY, IT’S FREE and totally AWESOME!

Now that you are TOTALLY prepared to get in on the FUN and FREEBIES start SHARING, POSTING, JOINING and taking part in all that is available TODAY while my Catalog Kickoff Luau is in FULL SWING, and don’t forget to check out the updates all day on my Facebook Page– it’s going to be a “WIPE OUT”!!!

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