Late but not Forgotten…

Hello Stampers, well it finally happened. I finally got the room finished and kept it clean long enough for the pics to be taken. 😉
Now remember, this room is nothing spectacular so don’t get your expectations up too high. Here is my space with he doors shut- before you open them up to enter the world of craftiness. :) I keep them shut when the kids are out wandering around, it is amazing that my own kids are not that interested in coming in here to man-handle the items inside BUT their friends LOVE to come in and look around. One of these days I need to do a class for my tween neighbors and kids.
Here is the room in all its glory- I have had this desk (which is actually a dinning table) for some time, and it is great because it is nice and large. I keep all my papers in the rolling carts under my table. It works great, I roll them out when I am being creative and when I am not using them they fit nicely under the table and I still have a ton of room to sit and “blurf” (that’s blog surfing in case you were wondering- look my genus is showing *wink*).
I bought additional tables for behind my desk and placed all my storage shelving units under them then I packed them full with all the stuff I have that I couldn’t stand looking at. When I want to get crafty I open the fabric covers and there are all my goodies in all their splendor! But the nice thing is that when the room is not in use everything (for the most part) is hidden away and looks neat and clean. I would love to hide the little white storage bins under there as well, but I ran out of space… maybe I need one more table??

I wasn’t too keen on the rug that I inherited from my husband when we swapped rooms, but with the new fabric I chose it all coordinates nicely. I am still working on finding a new home for the storage cubes in the corner, or maybe i will paint them black so at least it matches. I am too anal retentive for all these mix and match items.

I finally got my display shelves all by themselves, I think it looks so much better and uncluttered. I just have to work on getting new and updated projects for my display. I guess I should have taken better pics of my Definitely Decorative wall art that I made for the room, but I didn’t do that too well- sorry. I still need to complete the rest of my wall art- and putting them up. It is still a little work in progress.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the little look see into my crafty space- now the only thing left to get is a space heater so I am actually able to go in there while it is cool outside. There is a large window in the room and it gets chilly in there when you are not movin’ around a lot, so once I get the heater then I will probably never leave the room. :) I hope you guys enjoyed a glimpse into my little world and until next time~ TTFN

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