Last Table Decor Item

These are a mish-mash of a bunch of necessities for a new baby. The large items in the middle are hooded bath towels. I had my neighbor embroider them, two of the towels have stars on them and the third towel is monogrammed in the babies name, “Jameson”. I wrapped them to some cake dowels and tied curling ribbon around to hold them secure and place them in the bucket which was lined with floral foam.

Then there are my FAVORITE items, wash clothes! I folded them into a triangle and then rolled them into a snake shape. I then rolled them into the sucker shape you see and secured them at the ends with a little double sided tape and place a cellophane bag around them. I placed another cake dowel inside and tied the curling ribbon around to hold secure and inserted them into the bouquet. I absolutely LOVED these suckers. If I had to do it over, I would have tried to get the GIGANTIC towel to make those super big suckers you see at county fairs or amusement parks!
Here is an up close pic of the towels embroidered. My neighbor did such a great job on these towels!

Ok, so the last thing I included in the bouquet are these flower buds. They were the hardest to make and my least favorite! I rolled them up and and flipped back the end (or top of the sock) over the end slightly and then wrap in floral tape and insert a wire and wrap that in the same floral tape. I then placed these in and around the other items in the bouquet. The one thing I wish I had done is to add leaves to these flowers, but they turned out OK…

Hope you enjoyed today ideas, and will have the last and final project for you tomorrow! BUT I do have something COOL to show you on Thursday and Friday…oh I am SO excited to show you! Don’t forget to enter your comments for the free BLOG CANDY drawing! Remember US Residents only eligible for the drawing. Have a great night and see you tomorrow!

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