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I have been asked a lot lately, why is it so important to download the Hand Stamped Style APP?  I will be honest, at first I didn’t have a good answer- except that I knew it was awesome!!


But then the other day I got a few emails from some of my Facebook followers mentioning that they missed out on the FACEBOOK CONTEST that I ran because they never saw the update in their feed.  That’s when it occurred to me why my APP is SO necessary.


First let me explain for those of you who are unaware of exactly how FACEBOOK works. There is SO much activity going on in FACEBOOK that their algorithm only sends you the updates that IT thinks you need to see (yes, problem #1, how can a computer really know what you want to see??) based on your interaction and engagement with pages. Additionally to that, if you are not ON facebook when my updates are posted the chances of you coming across my update later is pretty slim.  In fact unless you are a news-feed troller you will probably NEVER see my post… UNLESS OF COURSE…. YOU HAVE THE APP!!!

If you have the Hand Stamped Style APP on your smartphone or tablet YOU will never miss out on anything.  You can check in with my important networks (my BLOG, FACEBOOK PAGE, YOUTUBE and COMING SOON PINTEREST) at the touch of a finger!

FacebookYou can see that the most recent status update is at the top!

With the HSS APP you will NEVER miss out.  Just think you can make a quick check in just before you head into work in the morning, then once again when you leave for lunch or while you eat.  You can check in while you are sitting at your daughters Volleyball practice even!  The best thing is that you will always have the most UP TO DATE info at a glance!

blogA simple check in will let you know if you are missing anything at that moment.

Because I update and post spontaneous things throughout the day this really is THE BEST WAY to stay in the loop, and you don’t have to worry that you are missing out.  Did you also know that there are times that I send an EXCLUSIVE offer to the over 2K APP users? IT’S TRUE!!! Now that I actually know how to maximize the potential of this awesome tool, you can bet that my APP users will see some FUN offers come their way as well.

youtubeBe the first to see my latest YOUTUBE videos!

This awesome tool really does give YOU the control.  YOU can see all the Hand Stamped Style you can handle just with a touch.  You will appreciate how easy it makes getting in on the awesome things I have to offer.  Don’t be left in the dark due to your schedule or Facebook’s finicky nature… YOU deserve to be in the KNOW!!


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