Its Christmas Card Time Again

My MDS (My Digital Studio) Christmas Card, and yes these will be going out in the mail tomorrow. I am SUPER late on getting these out this year. Wait till you hear how behind the 8 ball I really am. Yesterday morning I went to my neighbors ornament exchange party (super FUN!!) and then came home, gathered everyone together and took about an hours worth of photos and then put this together. I sent it off to my local grocery store’s photo department to be printed on those skinny card sizes (4×8- I think). I got the email that they were ready right before walking out the door to attend our church Christmas party.

So on the way home we dropped by picked them up and BAM, I will address these and mail them out tomorrow! I guess you can view that as efficient or lazy, maybe both. Either way I LOVE this MDS!!! I was able to do cards in less than 30 min, what normally takes me MONTHS when I make each one by hand. Now given if I had spent more time (and this was my original intention) I would have made this a hybrid card. I had bought the buttons for the side of the card months ago, BUT since I waited so long I didn’t have the time I needed to do that part. So I will be able to do that card next year.
I think the trick for us is we have to have our picture taken no later than Halloween. Then I have time to play around with layouts and such. I am so addicted to this MDS. LOVE IT!!! Hope you enjoyed this little bit and for those of you who are not yet on my mailing list yet enjoy this e-card and know that I wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HANUKKAH!!
Enjoy this beautiful day and until next time~ TTFN


  1. Too cute!! I can’t wait to get this software!!

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