It’s Cause To Celebrate, And It’s All Because Of You!

I am tickled pink… almost in time for Valentines Day too- I thought about waiting to share the news but who am I kidding, I can’t keep a secret!  So let me back up… a couple days ago I got this weird email from Stampin’ Up! and it was kind of long, so naturally I didn’t read the whole thing, LOL!! If you know me at all, you know that I don’t enjoy reading… and so if there are more than a couple sentences I skim, poorly at that… I digress-

Fast forward to yesterday… I get a call from Stampin’ Up! informing me that I was awarded a CASH BONUS for hitting $100K in CAREER SALES… I was like WHAT?!  Then I did a happy dance that looked more like…

Hand Stamped Style's milestone achievement for sales with Stampin' Up!


I was amazed, I had no idea- because sadly I don’t pay close enough attention to the little things… especially the on-going ones.  I admit that my success is due in large part to my AMAZING, WONDERFUL, AWESOME HOSTESSES!!  It really is their support and business that has made me as successful as I am, I truly am BLESSED!!

I started thinking… what could I do to repay them… I thought, and thought, and thought… then it came to me… like with everything else- I MUST REWARD THEM SOMEHOW!!  Then I thought some more, had some lunch, and thought some more… (you get the drift)

I am so incredibly blessed and thankful that I have such amazing friends and stampers, I am so amazed that I get to do what I LOVE and am passionate about everyday and I am especially grateful for my amazing family that supports me with all my events and classes – it truly is awesome how doing what you love makes you a loving person as a result, truly AWESOME!!

I can’t wait to announce what EACH ONE OF MY HOSTESSES WILL GET FROM ME… but I will have to!  It isn’t completely finished JUST YET, but I plan on announcing it tomorrow so I HAVE to skedaddle to get busy to complete it so I can share the exciting news with you… you never know I might just post a few clues on my FACEBOOK PAGE… and maybe splash a bit on my PINTEREST PAGE too… you just never know where I might DIVULGE some tid-bits of info… BE SURE TO CHECK BACK TOMORROW TO SEE WHAT I HAVE AS A TOKEN OF MY GRATITUDE FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!


  1. Michelle Brownstein says:

    You rock this hobby/business so well! :) I want to be like you when I grow up! 😛

  2. Nancy Farrell says:

    Oh Erin, how nice. Congrats!

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