I Have NO Shame…

Hello Stamping Friends!!!  I thought you might get a kick out of this- so thought I would share it with you…  As you probably know, (unless you have been under a rock- or just looking at the pics) that I am having a Holiday Stamp Camp on October 1st- which BTW I am SO looking forward to having.  I have so many Clients, Friends, Cardio Groove Sisters, and Neighbors coming.  So in hopes to get even more attendees for the camp I made these door hangers- they were super easy and I put them together in about an hour, yeah there are a little over 100… 
I made these postcards with MDS (My Digital Studio) then I just sent them to my local drug store to print them out as photos (because I needed them ASAP).  I came up with this idea a few days before I handed them out so I didn’t have the time to wait for them to be printed and shipped to me.
Ok, so the one thing that I SHOULD HAVE taken a picture of the end result… my sweaty children!  The walked with me for about an hour, hour and a half, while we places one of these on all my neighbors doors.  I told them that I would pay them $.05 for each one they put put.  Then all of the sudden my son took off like a rocket- when he made it back to me (hair wet and spiky, and streams of sweat running down his face) he gave me the dollar amount that he had earned. I said, “What?! How many did you have?” When he told me and we did the math together he got really upset- he said, “Mom, I thought you said $.50 each!”

I didn’t have the heart to cut his paycheck… not to mention he RAN the entire time and his sister basically chilled and didn’t even keep track of how many she put out.  She was quick to replenish her brothers stock when he ran out each time… She is a piece of work!
I wanted to show you how I condensed ALL my info from my larger flyer onto my smaller version of this postcard.  I just wish that they would have given me the option to print them on matte paper- NOT GLOSSY.  I can’t stand that glare!

Here is the MDS file that I made- so you have an idea what it looks like as one piece.

I hope you can make it to this AMAZING event, you will have SO much fun and get to go home with over 12 projects PLUS you will have access to a video tutorial for EVERY project that we make that day! Thanks for stopping by today and until next time~

Here is another SNEAK PEEK of a project that we will make at this year’s HOLIDAY STAMP CAMP.  You won’t want to miss this event!  You will get to create all kinds of projects for every upcoming season that will be great for Teachers Gifts, Hostess Thank You gift ideas, treats for your Neighbors or
Co-workers- just to name a few!

Don’t miss your opportunity to get your seat at this event!!!  REGISTER NOW, right in from the comfort of your living room- I know you are in your undies, but no matter- you can still register as long as you remember to put on some clothes before you come to the camp!!!  Check out my RIGHT SIDE BAR for the link to REGISTER NOW!  Choose the option that works best for you- you gotta love options!

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