HSS Theme Challenge #33

Good Morning Stampers!!!
This weeks challenge over at Hand Stamped Sentiments is THEME, and the theme that was chosen for us to play with is SCHOOL!!! How fun and limitless. I am doing something that I have not done in a LONG time- a digital scrap page! I love the fact that with My Digital Studio you have so many options. You can choose to work off of a designer template (kind of like making a page or book with a Simply Scrappin’ Kit) or making it completely from scratch with no template required. I of course used a template, it helps jump start my creative juices. :)
So lets take a look see at what I made for you this week… I decided to get moving on a book for my kids called sKool is Kool- OK and I think it is even more hilarious because it is all misspelled and is all about school. If you could see me you would see how funny I think this is. :) Not to mention if you knew me even better you would know what kind of a horrible speller I am and that makes this all the better, I can screw up and no one will know because it looks completely intentional. :) hehehe

So I have a few layouts for each year that they have been in school and when I am completely done with the book they will have finished grade school, then I will have a separate one for Middle and High school. I thought those were better than year books- personally. I have gone to my kids schools every year and taken picture of them with all of their closest friends and at school parties and then they get to have their friends and teacher sign their sKool books at the end of the year. The only thing missing from the end of each year is the very last party on the last day of school, BUT we start each year out with a farewell tribute to last year (with snap shots of that party) and a welcome to the new year (with shots of them on their first day) this way all the events are covered.
This has been great for a few reasons the biggest is that it has actually helped market my business, I have gotten so many leads and new stampers/crafters from doing this for my kids. When the Teachers and parents see these cute book I have even had some parents request one and offer to pay me to make them one. It has been a great asset to my business and not to mention wonderful for making memories. :) Well I hope you enjoyed today’s FUN and fast project. Come by and visit us at HSS and play along. Lets see your SCHOOL theme inspired creations. Until next time~ TTFN


  1. Love the things you’ve done with MDS, thanks for sharing ! , I’m now following you, #248 on the list from SC craftysahmiam.blogspot.com

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    Great blog!

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  5. cute…love your blog!!! I’m following from SC!!!

  6. Super cute page. You’re such a good mom.

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