HSS Mother’s Day Theme Challenge #65, with a touch of MDS…

Good Morning Stampers!! I am thrilled to share this weeks project with you.  It is not only for our HSS Mother’s Day Theme Challenge BUT it is also a GREAT Mother’s Day or just a great gift for any FRIEND. :)  As many of you may know I live in south Texas and it is summer here basically YEAR round… but around Mother’s Day is when the pool water is actually warm enough for the grown ups :)  My kids have been swimming for weeks now, but I am a little more picky about the temperature of the water- it may just be me but swimming in ice cube cold water isn’t refreshing to me. :)
So having explained all that this is what I have done the last few years for some of my neighbors for Mother’s Day, we have been going to the pool together for years and I thought this was a cute idea and have been sharing it with them ever since.  I give them a fully stocked beach/pool bag.  I decorate the front of the bag and then I stock it with flip flops, pool towels, sun glasses, sun screen, some pool toys for the kids, and of course some treats- but those don’t usually stay in the bag long.
This weeks project of for the Challenge over at HSS, pop on over and share with us your project for Mother’s Day.  It can be anything- a card, gift, candy, you create it and share it and we would love to see it!! 
I think these canvas bags are easy to make and inexpensive so if the kids happen to ruin them its not such a biggie…  Let me share with you what you need to do to create this.  It is SUPER easy and the best part is that I used My Digital Studio to help me make these!!!

Here’s a up close shot for you before I share the steps to make it.  I have to admit that I got this idea from my friend Bailey, check out her blog HERE.  She had us make onesies with this technique at her baby shower, what a smart idea, I thought.  We all made onesies and she got to keep them for her new little man.  SO SMART!!! I thought I can do this on my pool bags just as easy.

First step is to find a design, this is where my MDS came into play.  I found some fun images from there and blew them up.  This is the one I used on the featured bag, there is another image below that I used on another bag.  I print them out and tape them to the window, then tape a sheet of FREEZER PAPER over top.  You can find freezer paper in the isle with aluminum foil, it says freezer paper on the package- wax or parchment paper are NOT the same thing.  Trace your image onto the freezer paper… BE SURE TO TRACE THE IMAGE ONTO THE MATTE SIDE NOT THE WAXY SIDE.

Then cut out your image, wither with a hobby blade or you can use scissors.  I find that the blade kept me from ruining my stencil.  But you choose.

Then place the waxy side down on the surface of your fabric, you then iron on the paper to the fabric.  The waxy side adheres to the fabric and creates this awesome iron on but removable stencil for your image.  Be sure to iron it on well and leave no gaps in the stencil.

Then take your fabric paint and a sponge brush and apply your fabric paint.  This is a surfer that I did on another bag, when I added the waves at the end it was SO cool!

The last step is to remove your stencil.  Once the paint is thoroughly dry- you just peel the freezer paper off the fabric and you have a perfect image!  If you have some blemishes you can always outline the image like I did on my teal pool bag.  That will hide anything.  I hope you enjoyed this weeks project and I can’t wait to see what you create!  Share it with us over at HSS (Hand Stamped Sentiments), we look forward to the inspiration that you all will share.  Have a great week and until next time~ TTFN
UPDATE- I was asked to post a completed pic of the surfer and since I had a few min- here he is in all his glory.  I thought he turned out well. :)
Have a great day, thanks for looking!!!


  1. This is a fabulous idea! I love that you have a special treat for your neighbors on Mother’s Day.


  2. Awesome project, Erin! I am really excited to give it a try and I love how you used MDS to create the images, too. Very creative and such a great gift idea! :)

  3. What a great summer gift idea. Really cute. Post some pics of how the surfer turned out if you can.

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