HSS Anything BUT a Card Challenge 13

Good Morning Stampers!!! Long time NO hear, huh?? Well I had gotten some kind of horrible intestinal virus- again!!! I was VERY sick last week and am SO thankful that I am back to normal now- whew!! So onto the project for this challenge, which is my FAV, as you might know I LOVE 3-D items. Come and play along with us over at Hand Stamped Sentiments and get your mojo on! I made this fun little EXPLOSION BOX for my living room, so that my kids could show their friends and such what they looked like when they were teeny-tiny.

I made the explosion box using mostly 12×12 card stock and embellished with the die cut self-adhesive embellishments that come in any Simply Scrappin’ Kit. These things are awesome!! They come with the patterned paper, textured card stock, embellishments (6 sheets of them) and you can do anything with them. With one kit I can make upwards of 60 cards or several scrap pages, or even a project like this one! The particular kit I used is retired, and I have a ton of them cause I buy them so often. The sentiment stamp I used for the “Mothers Day” is long retired, but there are many available that are similar to the one I used.
I also used pictures of my little ones when they were oh so little too- how can you resist those cheeks!! My kids were so excited about this they man-handled the box for a bit before I got pictures take. :) Whacha gana do??

Here is a link to a tutorial on how to make a simpler (smaller) version of this box, I will explain the changes I made. I started with a large 12×12″ sheet for the yellow base box, and instead of folding in all the corners as shown in the tutorial, I cut those pieces off so I could fit more layers inside. I scored this sheet every 4″ then turned the CS once and scored again. I then decreased my card stock pieces by 2″, so the celery layer was a 10 1/2 x10 1/2″ box (scored every 3 1/2″) and they pink was a 9×9″ square (scoring every 3″). (FYI- I scored evenly twice along either side of the card stock(s) to give me a grid look before I folded.) The top was made from a piece 6×6″ square, scored 1″ in all the way around. Then snip the corners as shown in the tutorial, then fold and adhere together to make the lid. It doesn’t take much time at all and finding the pictures and embellishing them was the MOST fun of all!

This is the view from the top, I know it is a bit hard to make out all the detail so I took some up-close pics for you all. :)

Here are a few of my FAV’S!!! My daughter is on the left, I so miss her full little face, man do they thin out as they get taller… awe. On the right is my son and daughter, they are only 12 months apart and they are so close. I hope it stays that way forever. As you can see I took little embellishments from my Simply Scrappin’ Kit to decorate and journal on the pics.

Here are a few f my other favorites. On the left is my son with his bubble beard… he just loves this picture now! The great thing about the Simply Scrappin’ Kits is that some of the embellishments are preprinted too, so they have beautiful fonts and witty phrases as well. There are blank ones too to allow for your own stamped images or just for journaling. On the right is my daughter, she slept in that swing until she was like 4 months old… she basically out grew the thing and then FINALLY went into a crib. I went through batteries (you know those massive round ones) daily it seems like. She was in that thing all night…

Well I hoped you enjoyed today’s project and take the challenge to play along with us at HSS, we love to see your creativity and inspiration. I have some other items up my sleeve as well for you guys later this week so stay tuned! Until next time~ TTFN


  1. Oh my gosh-so weird to see them so little. What a great project!

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