How Ya’ Like the NEW Digs??!!

I hope that you like the new look of my creative spot- I used a few methods. I used for the most part My Digital Studio (which is amazing!!) to create this fun stuff to look at. Here is kind of what I did…
So I messed around and figured out the layout I wanted and what I wanted it to look like and since I am NOT a computer GEEK I then emailed my layouts to my cousin, Shannon, and she with her computer wizardry magically created my header for my using HER My Digital Studio.
I then created a draft for my background that I wanted and then of course shot it over to my CUZ!

I created my signature a well, BUT I didn’t need to send this to my CUZ since it was a small and easy item to create. I made my layout then I exported it to my desktop. I opened it with Microsoft Picture Manager and cropped it to make it the right size, then saved it as a picture. So then I upload it to my posts when needed…I am sure there is an easier more technical way to do signatures for your blog but this is my version. :)

I just LOVE bright colors and really enjoy my new FUN GIRL look. Hope you enjoyed today’s brief post and stayed tuned for tomorrow when the Hand Stamped Sentiment Challenge will be here, but until then~ TTFN

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