HOT Deals For MY Catalog Kickoff!!

Are you as excited as I am for the upcoming Catalog Kickoff Luau?  I am running on PURE adrenaline, and it’s a good thing- cause I am DOWN TO THE WIRE, and no where near ready, LOL!!!

Well, I am sort of kidding… sort of.  So while I head back to prepping, decorating, and organizing for tomorrow let me show you what kind of specials you can look forward to taking advantage of- NO MATTER if you are able to attend OR not :-)  Of course I already shared how you can earn tickets for FREE PRIZE drawings in THIS POST, but want to see what I have in store for you??

Hot Deals from

Screaming HOT Deals

SPECIAL #1 COLOR CHART REWARD– Submit an order of $100+ (prior ship/tax) between 5/31-6/3) and get a laminated color chart from me for FREE, ONLY when you use HOSTESS CODE GA6DDZH7!!  If ordering prior to 6/2, email me your order.  I shared a sneak peek of these awesome things on my FACEBOOK PAGE the other day, but here’s a little peek-

Color Charts by

Get one FREE for $100+ emailed order on 5/31 ONLY!

SPECIAL #2 FREE SHIPPING– Get FREE shipping on orders $50+ (prior ship/tax) between 5/31-6/3 ONLY when you use HOSTESS CODE GA6DDZH7.  **If you submit your order online you will get a rebate check from me in the mail**

SPECIAL #3 RETIRED SALE $1 for $1– You can select items on my personal retired stamp set list for FREE!!  For every $1 you spend on NEW Catalog Product (excluding ship/tax) you get $1 towards MY retired set list, you can see what’s available HERE.  So spend $50 on NEW catalog products and you can select $50 in retired sets from me for FREE (excluding ship).  Sets are available to local Luau attendees only until 3 PM on Sat. the 31st- then they are available to ALL.  You can email your requests anytime, and I will update availability via email Sat. evening.  **Note that this special is ONLY VALID for MAY 31st- as of June 1st, it expires**

Please know that specials 2 & 3 cannot be combined, which means if you want to take advantage of more than one, your orders will need to be separated… honestly to keep things straight on my end.

For example– If you want to get $55 in retired sets AND free shipping then email me an order for $55 (prior ship/tax) of new catalog products, then send a separate email (or submit online) with the catalog items wanted for the Free Shipping… then in the SUBJECT LINE note which special the order will take advantage of.  Basically you can’t get free shipping on the items you order as part of the $1 for $1 special.

Important things to remember

  1. ONLY the color chart special can be combined with other specials.
  2. Hostess Code MUST be used to get special deals above
  3. If redeeming a Reward/Loyalty card, remember only one card can be redeemed within a 30 day period, and card redemption can’t be combined with other special.

If you are confused, I apologize… it’s super late, and I am running on ONE brain cell.  I guess what I am trying to say is that I can’t keep track of double dipping from these different specials so if you want to take advantage of one or more then you will want to submit separate orders to me for each special you want to take advantage of… is that better?? LOL!!

I am off to finish up preparations, and I can’t wait to share details from the actual event with you on Sunday… or possibly Monday because I will admit it now, I am GOING to be pooped on Sunday.  I will be posting updates and fun things to my FACEBOOK PAGE all day Sat. Be sure to follow me and LIKE me to stay up with all the FUN!!

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