Hostess Club Changes and Additions For 2015!!



I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, I had a wonderfully LAZY day with my family… didn’t shower until about 5, I played with paper most of the afternoon and played games with the FAM all day in between eating chocolate, bread, turkey, and many other things I don’t recall- LOL!!  It was a great day.  I am super excited to share some updates and new things that will be happening in 2015, one of which are the updates and additions to my HOSTESS CLUB PROGRAM.

Hostess Club Rewards with Hand Stamped Style

A Hostess Club takes ALL the work out of earning FREE HOSTESS REWARDS!

I wanted a way to celebrate and give YOU the opportunity to really get the most out of Sale-A-Bration, and I have a BUNCH of things planned for this special time of year as well, but I thought to myself that there had to be a way to allow my stampers to get the FULL benefits of Sale-A-Bration… and I did!  Announcing Hand Stamped Style’s SALE-A-BRATION HOSTESS CLUB!!  I have lay it all out in the video I have to share today… (grab your favorite beverage… it’s a little long, BUT worth it- I swear!!)

If you are viewing this post on a mobile device, CLICK HERE to view the video on my Youtube channel, or you can see the details below.

get all the benefits of being a hostess without all the work, thanks to

Get all the benefits of being a hostess without all the work, as a member of this club!

What is a Sale-A-Bration Hostess Club exactly??  It’s simple, it run almost identically to my current Hostess Club program, with a few exceptions.

*The SAB Hostess Club runs from Jan. – March 2015, only 3 months.

*There are 3 people in each  SAB Hostess Club

*Each Club Member commits to submitting a minimum order of $50 (prior ship/tax) by the 15th of the month, for each of the 3 months.

*Each member is designated the Hostess for one of the 3 months, meaning EVERY MEMBER gets the hostess benefits and rewards.

What other perks will membership in this club get YOU?  Well, the Hostess Club benefits are exactly the same with ALL of my Hostess Clubs and I will cover that in just a moment… those are being updated and altered too- you will LOVE them!!

If you are currently in a HSS HOSTESS CLUB you may be wondering… can I join?  Of course, you can select to be in as many Hostess Clubs as you wish.  I have several Hostess Club Members that are in multiple clubs to receive multiple benefits.  If you want to join the SAB Hostess Club in addition to your current Hostess Club simply EMAIL ME.

I am currently accepting members into the SAB Hostess Club- if you would like to join EMAIL ME or CLICK HERE for the Hostess Club Agreement form.

get all the benefits of being a hostess without all the work, thanks to

Get all the benefits of being a hostess without all the work, it’s easy and simple.

Once the SAB Hostess Club dates expire then the traditional HSS Hostess Clubs will be available, this will run similarly to my current Hostess Club program with a few minor alterations.

*Each Hostess Club will consist of 4 members.

*Club Months will either be JUNE, AUG., OCT., DEC. -or- MAY, JULY, SEPT., NOV. depending on which group you are in.

*Members will commit to submitting bi-monthly minimum orders of $37.50 (before ship/tax) by the 15th of the months stated above.

*Each member will be designated the HOSTESS for one month of the club run, which means EVERYONE will get Hostess Rewards as a member.

Additional perks & benefits for being in MY Hand Stamped Style Hostess Club:

1. Each club member gets ALL catalogs and promotion brochures sent to them for FREE!!

2. Each Club Member automatically get a STAMPING class attendance for FREE if local.

3. All members receive exclusive DISCOUNT PRICING for all classes.

4. If not able to attend the FREE class the kit can be included in your order when picked up and online members or those who can’t attend can get a FREE project kit if club order is submitted on or before the 10th, then shipping is fee!!

5. Local Club members get to attend MY EXCLUSIVE Hostess Club Holiday Appreciation Event, held annually. -IT’S BACK!!(Online Members will get FUN projects and goodie bags sent to them directly.)

6. Automatically get a stamp on your LOYALTY REWARD CARD for each club order, which earns you more FREEBIES!!

7. All Club Members automatically get an exclusive invite to join the HSS HOSTESS CLUB PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP, this is where you can connect with fellow club members and hopefully find fellow club members that may be near you that you can create with too.

Becoming a HOSTESS CLUB MEMBER has so many perks, there are often spontaneous things I will do for my members throughout the year… it’s worth it for sure!  The first stampers to reserve their spots are the first to request their hostess month, so get in early.  Be sure to check back with me over the weekend and throughout the week for updates on what’s to come for 2015 in the way of classes, events and more!  I have SO much to share!!  Use the SHARE buttons below to share this with your friends and family, I give prizes for referring others to the hostess club too!

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