Holiday Items Now Available!

NOTE: There are updates to the availablility of items shown below.
Happy Holiday’s Stampers!
I am posting the left over items I have from my recent Craft Fairs, here for you to take advantage of. I have limited number of each item and once they are gone they are gone- at least until I make more next season. :) Have fun checking out my make shift on-line store…
First up- Snowman Soup Kits
There are 4 of these kits available and available for JUST $2.00/ea + shipping
These kits are cute little boxes that would be an adorable gift for a co-worker or friends, these would be great in a stocking or for your child’s favorite teacher! Each kit comes with a package of Hot Chocolate, a bag of Chocolate morsels and Marshmallows, finally there are 2 candy canes snugly packaged as well.
Each kit comes with the fun Snowman Soup poem on the front of the boxes. Check it Sistas…my nails look FAB!!! I seriously JUST got home from the nail salon and honestly you may never see them look SO good again. OK, back to the task at hand, :)

The decorative Snowman swings and is attached to the front of the Soup kit and is color coordinated to match the rest of the project.

Second Item- Holiday Tags
There are 4 Holiday Tag Kits available for $2.00/ea + shipping
Each “Bag O’ Tags” include 12 handmade tags with different embellishments, stamp sets, and punches. These are perfect for a quick Teacher’s gift or given to a neighbor as a perfect Thank You! Each set of tags come housed in a 6×6 clear bag for a great way to display your adorable Holiday Tags.

Here are the first set of 4 up close for you to peek at, to see it EVEN closer simply click on the picture itself.

Here are the second group of 4, do you NOT love the adorable Snowman? He is my favorite!

Last group of 4 tags and my tree tag is my FAV from this group. They did take a while to cut them all out, but WELL WORTH IT!!
Clothes Pin Photo/Recipe Holder
There are only 3 available and each is available for $1.00 + shipping
These Photo/Recipe Holders are cute for almost anyone, they have coordinating Designer Series Paper on the front and back of each clip and embellished with coordinating ribbon. These clips are made of a sturdy plastic material and wont stick to your picture or card placed in the clamp end.

The accent ribbon is slid right into the center coil so that there is no interruption with the ability to open and close the clip.
Key Katcher’s
Each Key Katcher is JUST $6.00 + shipping
If you have never used one of these, let me tell you how FAB they are. I can’t live without mine. It hangs on the edge of your purse (same as it is hanging over the side of the votive in the picture) and connects to your keys via the clasp at the end. Your keys are always at your finger tips and no more searching through the black whole known as your purse.
To see these close up simply click on the picture and take a peek. Each Katcher is named and the number of items available are noted inside the (parenthesis), and like the other items once they are gone they are gone.

Here are some others that are available too.
Finally these are my TEACHER inspired Katchers, a perfect green and red apple!
Cards By U Kits
There are only 1 kits available and each is JUST $2.00 + shipping
This kit would be a great stocking stuffer for any kid. Each kit comes with 4 colorful card bases (red, blue, green, yellow) and 4 easy to color card fronts for all occasions (Thank you, Birthday, Miss You, etc.). Crayons are also included in each kit which allows the recipient to get started immediately!

Korker Hair Bows

There is only one of each Hair Bow shown are are only $2.00/ea + shipping

How adorable would your little princess look in one of these Korker Bows? Each bow is different and there are no duplicates made so once these are gone they are gone. There are bows for all seasons and Holidays and these are so light and very inexpensive to ship.

I love the pink and purple…

My argyle collection, I just can’t get enough of these!!!

Have I ever told you my FAVORITE color is YELLOW? Oh yeah, it is- I just LOVE yellow!!!

This is more of my whimsical fun prints. To see bows in more detail simply click on the picture and take a closer peek.

These are perfect for Halloween and Valentine’s Day!!

I hope you enjoyed these items. I have more that I will post later in the week and hope that you enjoy and are able to get some great last minute items that would be great for those you are gift buying for. I ship quickly and can give you shipping prices as well, simply email me

P.S. I hope you think the pictures look better. I busted out my photo box and decided to stop being lazy and actually use it. I am REALLY hoping that Santa brings me a NEW camera for Christmas, but we will see how nice or naughty I have been. I think I have a pretty good idea as to which list i am on. Please leave me some feedback and until next time~


  1. Nicole fabian says:

    Hey Erin.

    If they’re still available, I’ll take 2 snowmen soup and 2 of the tags. I can pick them up sometime.

  2. Wow-wish I had a girl. LOVE the hair bows. So many cute things. So creative!

  3. Congratulations! I just wanted you to know that your project will appear on the Yahoo Group Late Night Stamper’s blog finds of the day for December 10. Want to receive your own copy of the blog finds of the day? Join us at

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