Holiday Banners for FREE??

Wouldn’t you LOVE to be able to create wonderful decor for the upcoming holidays?  Did you know that you could create them for FREE?? 
Check out this fantastic banner I made yesterday- Seriously SOOOO fast too, it literally took me a little under an hour to unpack this entire thing and create it from start to finish!
 All I used to create this AMAZING banner was the BUILD A BANNER CREATIVE KIT and a little add on- CHRISTMAS BANNER ACCESSORY KIT! It is SO awesome, cause EVERY THING I used to make this banner is included in these kits- and you can get it ALL for FREE but just for the next 4 days.
It is a bonus that Stampin’ Up! is offering to NEW Demonstrators when they JOIN MY TEAM in August!! If you have ever thought about becoming a Demo to either make additional income or just to get a discount, which ever option best fits you- doesn’t matter! When you JOIN MY TEAM in August YOU can get the PROJECT KIT to create this banner for FREE in your STARTER KIT!!
 You can also choose THIS Banner Project Kit as YOUR FREE PROJECT KIT as well, each NEW TEAM MEMBER that JOINS in August can select from several different project kits- check them all out HERE!  If you choose to get the BUILD A BANNER KIT with the HALLOWEEN ACCESSORY KIT here is what you can create:
What’s even better… in this project kit with ONE BUILD A BANNER KIT I made BOTH of these banners with the Christmas and Halloween Accessory Kits, but I still have banner pieces LEFT over!! I could (with my own paper and stamps and twine) crank out another banner for another holiday if I wanted… think of all the 4 letter words you could put in a banner… well maybe NOT ALL of them, LOL!!!
I loved this project SOOOO much that I have put together a class using these kits (more on that later…), and guess what that is EXACTLY why Stampin’ Up! is offering a FREE project kit to my NEW TEAM MEMBERS, it is a great way to get added supplies in YOUR STARTER KIT that you can turn around and use to create a class around and start making money NOW!
If classes and events are not your thing, then just think how cute this adorable banner will look in YOUR home, and YOU got it for FREE!!!  HELLO, that’s awesome-sauce!
If you have been thinking about jumping in and getting started, let’s chat.  Don’t worry, I am not some psycho, over bearing direct sales robot… I can’t handle that, in fact some of my customers and Team members that are reading this probably laughed when they read that just now.  I am always willing to talk with you and help answer any questions about the BIZ so that YOU can make the decision for YOURSELF, even though I would LOVE for you to JOIN MY TEAM, I ultimately want you to do whats best for you!!

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