Helpful Crafting Tips From Fellow HSS Class Members

I had such a WONDERFUL time in my SIMPLE CARD CLASS yesterday with some of my FAV stampers, and while we were making the projects for the class the ladies were coming up with TONS of helpful tips and tricks that I just HAD to share with all of you – in fact one of my stampers, Michelle, was full of so many of them her brain shut down about a fourth of the way through class.

Let me share with you Michelle’s TIPS first, remember yesterday I shared in my post how to create decorative edges using punches and on the card we were creating in class (you can see it HERE) we needed to create a LONG Window Word punched shape for a long sentiment and she gave some awesome insight that I wanted to share with you today.

Before when I made these I always measured the actual image on the top of the punch and she suggested something EVEN EASIER… LOVE IT!!

How to make decorative edges tusing stampin' up! punches by Hand Stamped Style

FIVE simple steps for using punches to create decorative edges.

  • STEP ONE: Punch out the shape that you are going to work with and place it on your trimmer to measure the width of the shape.
  • STEP TWO: It is sometimes hard to remember exactly which “tic” mark on the ruler is the right one when you remove the template shape, so place JUST the sticky portion of a post-it note so you can mark with a pen which one you will need to use.
  • STEP THREE: slice your paper… since the piece sometimes wont be wide enough to push against the base along the top, simply put enough pressure on the cutter handle to hold the paper in place and then cut from the bottom up.
  • STEP FOUR: Now you can slide the strips into the punch and create a punched piece as long as you like.
  • STEP FIVE: See how you can make various sizes, COOL RIGHT?!

Those tips were awesome, and Michelle is FULL of great ones, so THANK YOU for those girly!!

OK, the next tip comes from another FAB stamper of mine, Paulina.  I saw her working on her projects and noticed that her sheet of Dimensionals were so clean tidy and I asked her if she always worked with her’s that way.  Here is what her’s looked like after class-

How to make decorative edges tusing stampin' up! punches by Hand Stamped Style

Not only is this economical BUT makes it SO much easier to use!

She then explained that she ALWAYS starts along the outside of the sheet while working on her projects, AND that in turns makes it SO MUCH EASIER to remove the hexagon shaped pieces. SOOO simple and yet, SO SMART!!  I explained that I always leave the outer edge of these to use until the very, very end. in fact I have a stack of these sheets that have just the outer edge.  I am totally rethinking how I work with these now, LOL!!

I hope that you enjoyed these helpful tips today, in fact if YOU have a great idea or tip and would like to be a GUEST BLOGGER on Hand Stamped Style then PLEASE submit your idea, contact info and any accompanying photos to me via EMAIL– I would LOVE to share your ideas and tips with my readers, so SUBMIT YOUR TIPS & IDEAS TODAY!!

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