HELLO Stampers!!!

Well I hope that you are a returning blogger, and if not welcome also. I am excited to show off my NEW and IMPROVED blog to you all. I have relocated to TX now and I have my good core friends established and I am re-motivated to get my Stampin‘ Up! business off the ground. I was feeling a bit deflated over the last few months with the delay in getting things rolling, BUT I have found a few dedicated stampers (thanks to my DBWS and Demo locater) which have helped me pull through this time. I am re-focused and ready to hit the ground running. I knew the best way to do that was to wipe the slate clean and start fresh, hence the NEW DIGS!!! I hope you like, me likee a lot. *grin*

**Note- this is not my baby, but seriously is this NOT the cutest thing you have seen…now why is it I can’t rock this look? My body is almost identical, huh…weird.**

I am dedicating my self to this new found passion whole heartily, and I am scheduling my updates and focus to my new blog like I would an office job the only exception is that I actually ENJOY this! So be sure to check back often as I plan to keep the posts on here frequent, and I will also begin drawing for blog candy as well *gasp*!! Yes, I am getting wise to the whole blog etiquette and finally learning some of the perks the views like and deserve.

I do have to dedicate my new found drive and passion almost completely on my good friend and cousin, Shannon. She gave me one of the best Pep-Talks recently that made me realize and remember why it is that I got into this business in the first place and I am so blessed to have her in my life. So Shannon, here’s to you!!! *clink-clink* (that is supposed to be glasses cheering each other, I know can I be any cheesier?? SURE!)

Please leave a comment about the person that inspired you to get started in the career or life long dream. Thank God for these people- right! I can’t wait to hear your inspirational stories. I will randomly choose a name on Aug. 2nd (to give ample time for comments, plus I have a vacation to account for *jump -n- skip*) to win some BLOG CANDY!!! I will post that wonderful surprise in the next day or so…oh suspense!!!

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