Head Over Heels For Paper Pumpkin!

I admit… when I first began to subscribe to Paper Pumpkin I was COMPLETELY skeptical… we had received a sample package at Leadership 2 years ago and I was anything BUT impressed by the contents.  However when they shared with us the recent changes and upgrades to the packages at Leadership this year I knew I would be hooked!  I have have several packets (like 7 or more…) that I haven’t had time to put together BUT with a sick kid home from Church yesterday I thought, what the heck!

Check out what I was able to do in a little over an hour… it’s pretty awesome!  I can’t wait to share these ALL with my HOSTESS CLUB MEMBERS this coming month!!

Paper Pumpkin projects created by http://www.HandStampedStyle.com

Adorable projects in just a LITTLE amount of time!

For the first time in longer than I can recall, I stamped on the couch… my studio is a disaster! While having a class Sat. night water began to spill into my studio, thanks to my kids in their upstairs bathroom, and I haven’t had the energy to go in and clean, fix, cry, or process it all… SO the couch it was! Know what, it was perfect.  Because these kits include everything I need, all I had to scrounge for were my scissors.

Paper Pumpkin projects created by http://www.HandStampedStyle.com

These bags have a very special purpose… to be shared later!

I started with this kit back from Jan, I think… if you are a current PAPER PUMPKIN SUBSCRIBER there are previous kits that are available for purchase RIGHT NOW!!  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS, and guess what this is one of them!! YEP- I already grabbed me several- I have a special purpose for these… but you will see what that is later!

Next I tackled this adorable set, to be honest I don’t know what month this was from… but I loved them.  The sample told us to flip the card bases the other way so that the brown side faced out but I was like- NOPE!  Me likey the color better!!  So to change up your own projects is really simple and is FUN all at the same time!

Paper Pumpkin projects created by http://www.HandStampedStyle.com

Getting creative is simple too!

Lastly I played with this kit from March, OMG!! This one was SOOOOO cute and playing with those wood letters were SO fun.  I love that it gives me a taste of elements that I wouldn’t normally have just a few of… so I can see if I like them enough to invest in a full selection of them from the catalog.  The new wood embellishments are SOOOOO going on my next order!

Paper Pumpkin projects created by http://www.HandStampedStyle.com

I LOVED this kit… the wood letters were AWESOME!!

There were two sentiment elements in the kit, this one was super cute too- and these are thin enough for you to cut them down also… my other scissors were in my black hole of an office so I didn’t, but you totally could with something just slightly more heavy duty than paper snips.

Paper Pumpkin projects created by http://www.HandStampedStyle.com

I am SO prepared for my Hostess Club Thank You’s now!!

I think the other thing I am most excited about is sharing these with my HOSTESS CLUB MEMBERS!! I will be sending these out as my Thank You cards this coming month to my members, not only will they get an adorable THANK YOU but they will get to see first hand how adorable these projects are themselves.  I am opening a NEW HOSTESS CLUB group in April, if you are interested EMAIL ME TODAY and I can get you set up.

Hostess Club Rewards with Hand Stamped Style

A Hostess Club takes ALL the work out of earning FREE HOSTESS REWARDS!

I can’t wait until the 15th of April… when my NEW PAPER PUMPKIN KIT arrives!! If you join on or before the 10th YOU TOO can get these sweet orange jewels for yourself, and when you join my HOSTESS CLUB you get ALL kinds of perks- there is a FUN RETREAT getaway in the works, that will only be available to my HOSTESS CLUB MEMBERS– more details on that coming VERY soon!!  EMAIL ME TODAY to get in on my amazing HOSTESS CLUB and find out how AWESOME it really is!

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