Today is just a quick personal post, I wanted to pay homage to all those MOTHERS out there who work selflessly at what seems to be at times, a THANKLESS job…
This is the AMAZING woman that set the foundation that made me the woman I am… MY MOM!
I have learned SO much from her… things I want to do and be better at, things I am thankful that I encompass and posses, somethings that I posses that I wish I didn’t (LOL!), but most of all I am thankful that she had me!
I remember before I had children, sitting in church when all the kids came out to hand out flowers to the MOMS… my heart would sink.  I so desperately wanted to have kids but felt like I-WE needed to complete and accomplish certain things before that would be an option…  
I remember feeling so out of place being sometimes the ONLY woman that wasn’t standing and without a flower… I mention this as I feel for all those women out there who loath this day for the sadness that it brings, due to one reason or another, who are childless… I have close friends and family members who struggled for years to have children, lost many of them, and some who have yet to experience the JOY of motherhood (in all it’s forms)… but I feel it important to cherish and celebrate WOMEN, not JUST MOM’S!
Mom’s are amazing because they are TEACHERS, COUNSELORS, FRIENDS, COMFORTERS, PEACE MAKERS (sometimes…), PROBLEM SOLVERS, MAGICIANS, EGO BOOSTERS, MANAGERS, FINANCIAL OFFICERS, and so much more, BUT Mom’s are not the only ones who possess these talents… WOMEN DO! 
So today as I THANK MY MOM for all she gave to me, I also want to THANK ALL THE WOMEN IN MY LIFE who have helped shape and assist me in becoming the woman I am today!


  1. GREAT post! Hoping you had a Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. You must have a great mother to have raised the fabulous person you are today!

  3. I love you, Erin! You are truly an amazing woman!

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