Happy Labor Day, with NO Labor

My Good Friend and Neighbor, Nicole, has a little girl that just moved into her BIG GIRL bed a few weeks ago. She has the MOST adorable room, custom made crib sheets and bedding. She didn’t really want to re-paint her room and start from scratch, but her window coverings match this fabric perfectly…so her dilemma was finding bed sets that pulled her window covers into the bedding. She purchased solid pink and green bed covers and sheets, and I offered to attempt making a pillow case with her left over remains from the crib bumper and diaper hanger fabric.
Let me just say that I AM NOT ANY KIND OF SEAMSTRESS!!! I did this with NO pattern. I laid a pillow over the fabric once I had ironed it out and pinned the pieces together to get an estimate as to how large the case would need to be. I was sad to find out that the BEAUTIFUL fuzzy green fabric was too thin to make it through my sewing machine, so I had to use the diaper hanger fabric for the back instead.

This is how it turned out…not too shabby, huh? The pink fabric were in thinner strips that was previously used on the bumper so I had to pin the pieces together to make a larger piece of fabric, it worked fairly well, I think.

Here is the open end where you can slide in the pillow, I had planned on doing a flap over flap opening in the back (I don’t know if that is the right term, but it’s mine.) BUT since the fabric I originally planned on using didn’t work, and I had to use the green polka-dotted which there was not enough to do that. This is what I ended up with.

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