Happy Christmas Eve, Eve!!!

On the Eve of this Christmas Eve I wanted to share with you this year’s Christmas card.  I made a note for next year so I order enough, I took a shot in the dark and only ordered 100 and that wasn’t near enough… but I had to make due since I did it all SO last minute. What, me procrastinate?
Ok, so I admit that even though I LOVE making handmade cards, I tend to dread making more than about 10-15 of any one card.  My days of massive swapping are long gone… so when I have to make a gazillion cards I turn to MDS2!  This is the actual MDS2 version (computer shot basically…)
This is my card cover, and I planned on adding some actual rhinestones on my cards once they arrived.
 Yes, I decided to pre-print the message from the family cause I would have gotten carpel-tunnel writing it out on all 100 cards… this part of the card was on the inside upper flap so that when you opened the card you would see the next picture right after the cover…
 Yes, trying to get my daughter and husband to really “FEEL” this pose was a task.  In between each take the kids were complaining that they were bored… clearly I have NO future models in my family!
 Here is what the card looks like once it’s printed, and yes they look WAY better then this- my camera SUCKS!  I am really hoping that the freaky elf I shared with you on MY FACEBOOK PAGE tells Santa I deserve a NEW better camera!
 see how the inside is laid out…
 better (I use that term loosely!) view of the inside.
 If you couldn’t tell I am a HUGE FAN of the movie Elf, I had an idea for this card for sometime and one of my fellow stampers put me in contact with her husband who does great photography, if you live in the San Antonio area and are looking for a great photographer give Stewart Seeger a holler!
I that you are prepared for Christmas, and hopefully today is a relaxing day full of family, friends, and baking, LOL!! Remember that there are JUST a few days left to register for the SASSY SALUTATIONS CARD CLASS if you want to get the stamp set included get the FULL details for this class-


  1. Dude, I love you! You and your family are so cute! Merry Christmas, my friend!!!

  2. #1- I nearly peed my pants when I received this card. #2- I started singing “Two of these things are not like the other…” #3- This card is a clear indidcation of why you are one of my favorite friends on Earth!!!! Best card I received, hands down, and I plan to un-shamelessly Copy it next year!!! Love ya friend and Merry Christmas!!!!!

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