It’s MDS Monday!!! I had a great idea yesterday when I was preparing for today’s post, I bet a few of you (maybe more) are wondering what the REAL difference is between MDS (My Digital Studio) projects that are printed at home vs printed through Stampin’ Up!’s professional printing service.  So we are going to look at some real life samples.  Here is the project I created~
 I had so much fun making this layout.  I used the small oval punch shape and Calendar Kit brush set.  Oh and to make the little ends of the balloon I used the smallest heart punch shape and rotated it so the humps of the heart faced down.
   Well I can tell you that with outside companies (such as Costco) colors are VERY different.  The TRUE color shades that coordinate with all my ribbon and inks can’t be achieved through those companies. But if you have a good printer and plan on printing your projects at home you could get away with some pretty good copies of your projects, check out this comparison~
Can you tell which one was printed through Stampin’ Up! and which one was printed from my HP printer here at home? Is my personal print job the one on the left or the right?
Well, the project I printed from home is on the right and the professional printed one on the left.  I think I am almost out of or running low on inks so there is a slight deepness to the reds and purples, but aside from that it is a pretty good comparison.  It is almost impossible to tell the difference. Now I will say that the card stock the Stampin’ Up! prints them on is a great STURDY card stock, much thicker than the Whisper White card stock that is so great for stamping.  So if you have ever been deterred form trying MDS due to the notion that you HAD to pay to have your projects printed, DON’T WAIT- DOWNLOAD the FREE 30 DAY TRIAL of MDS NOW!! Play with it a little, it’s not hard to use.
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