Happy 4th of July!!

I hope that you are taking time today to enjoy time with family and friends and reflect on what toady really means.  I happen to be married to the biggest history buff, which means that today is one of his most FAVE days and luckily my entire family benefit from his wealth of history nuggets.


I know that for me, today means SO many things.  Thankfully I live in one of the most military rich cities in Texas, and today our family is making a pact that we are going to spoil our service men and women.  So as we spend the day, we have little goodies to give to those we see and come in contact with who are not just wearing their fatigues but that have Veteran plates, Navy caps, Semperfi stickers, you name it!  We are treating it like a scavenger hunt, how many service men and women can you find… then we have treats, thank you cards, and other goodies to gift them with.  We will eat lunch at the burger joint near my home that always have a TON of Military and we will gift a lucky group with a free meal!

Why would we do all this?  Because I want my kids to know that what those men and women sacrifice and provide for us as civilians should always be rewarded and applauded!  None of the things my family or I enjoy, and frankly take for granted most days, would be possible without the sacrifice of our armed forces and military.

I am so grateful for the freedoms I have and that my family and extended family has.  If you were to meet my own siblings you would be amazed at how different we all are, from our religious beliefs, to our political beliefs… and the most amazing and peaceful feeling is knowing that we can all have our own beliefs (even if we don’t always see eye to eye :-) ) and not be ridiculed or punished for them.  We live in an amazing country and although there are many times that I am frustrated with the government and politicians I am Thankful beyond words for the freedoms my family, friends, and fellow Americans have.  So although my words seem insufficient and inadequate I have to tell all you service men and women, from the BOTTOM OF MY HEART



  1. Thank you for your support of our military. My daughter is stationed there at Ft Sam.

    • Sharon, I am NOT the one that you (or I) should be thanking. It’s people like your daughter who selflessly give themselves, figuratively and literally, everyday to ensure that I can live my life with the freedoms we take for granted. THANK YOU for raising such a remarkable daughter!
      Take Care & God Bless

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