Hand Stamped Style Team Christmas Gifts

Well, all my packages have been sent and my local Team Members all have their gifts so I can share with you the project that I made for each of my Team members.  They say that IMITATION is the MOST sincere form of flattery… well, it couldn’t be MORE true than in my case!
Here is what I made~
LOL! Can’t really tell what it is, huh? I thought that would be funny- ok here it is~
I made them each a Lanyard using our BEAUTIFUL Pattern Fabric, I love the patterns and the colors of these fabrics, AND I was given one of these handmade gems as a ROOMMATE GIFT from my DEAR FRIEND Erica Cerwin, she is Da’BOM!!
 I have a few shown here in the pic’s and I made multiples of some of these colors, but they turned out SOOOO great!!  The thing that made these SO easy to create is the HELPFUL TUTORIAL my dear friend made.
 I wanted to give something to my Team Members that they could use at their day jobs or at Convention for sure!  I wanted to give them something handmade as well, so that they know how much I really care about them and how much they mean to me.  I am so grateful for my Team Members!!
You have to check out Erica’s TUTORIAL on how to make these things, it is seriously SO easy and her instruction is right up my alley! 
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