A Great Birthday Treat Bag Gift

I LOVED this swap when I got it at convention a few years ago. I thought this was such a ingenious idea! So simple but SO fun, I made a whole slew of them for my son’s second grade class last year for an end of year surprise.

The kids totally LOVED the bubble container that was inside, and honestly I got some Mom interest because all of my contact info was on the back of the project. I know it was a bit shameless but I killed two birds with one stone- I was able to give the kids something fun to play with the last day and the I got some much needed marketing out of the whole deal. I copied this one exactly for the entire class.
Below is a shot of the project open, do you see how EASY it is to create this thing! The dimensions of this are 6-1/4″x 3-1/2″.
You score the card stock at 2-1/2″, 3″, and at 3-1/2″, then you take your horizontal slot punch and punch it twice (both right next to each other to make a longer slot), your slot will span the length from the 2-1/2″ score line to the 3-1/2″ score line.
Then take your slit punch and punch the right side of the cover to allow for easy closure. I then stamped and cut out the flip-flop and used a brad to secure it to the card and it also hides the slit you punched as well. Clever and cute- huh?
I hope you enjoyed this little project today and I would LOVE to hear your comments on the projects you have seen so far. See you again Monday!

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