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I have something to share with you today that is near and dear to my HEART!! Before I share that though I want to update you on something, Stampin’ Up! JUST announced last night that the ENDLESS WISHES STAMP SET is NOW available!!Get it today, before it sells out again!!

Endless Wishes Photopolymer Set

Endless Wishes Photopolymer Set

I am in that PREP phase of the hardest but MOST REWARDING event of my year and that’s my 3rd ANNUAL LHP STAMP CAMP FUNDRAISER!! For those of you who have followed me for some time you might be familiar with this event and why I do it but for those of you who are NEW to me and my site let me share with you what this AWESOME event is all about.


Each year I assist in raising money to help pay for an event for the kids fighting Leukemia (and other blood cancers) in the local hospitals here, the one I work with closely is Methodist Children’s.  The nurses, Doctors and staff at the local hospitals that work in this department help to organize and pull off this amazing PROM for these kids.  Many of these kids have fought a rough and tough fight and are continuing to push through the chemo and other treatments, and there are others who have pulled out from the other side – kicked cancers BUTT and took it’s name!!  For both of these groups they deserve a night just for them to help them FORGET about their disease, treatments, hair loss, nausea, needles, days/weeks/months in the hospital, and more! This night is a night for them to LET LOOSE and be a kid!! Check out some highlights from their prom back in 2012- I swear each time I watch this I cry!!

I have a touching story, and soon I will share the video with you as well.  My husband and I feel that this fundraiser and event is extremely important for our kids to see.  They help me with prepping for my Stamp Camp (which ultimately helps this event) but last year they came to the Prom with me.  We all got dressed up, I was working a memory table at the event. Kids could get their picture taken in a photo booth and then create a memory page for a scrapbook for their hospital- super cute and I am sad I didn’t get any photos of it… BUT lat year they helped me work the table.  They helped the kids create their pages and chatted with them as they stood in line.  Then my husband told me that at one point they went into the dance hall and went to the dance floor… then a little while later my daughter caught the eye of a child in a wheel chair who was bobbing his head to the music, she (being my courageous extrovert- much like her Mom) walked over to this child and looked up at the adult next to him… she asked, ” are YOU his Mom?” The woman replied, “Yes…” Then my daughter said to her, “He looks like he really wants to dance, can I take him out there with the rest of us?” My husband said that the woman began to cry as my daughter grabbed a hold of his chair and wheeled him out on the dance floor.  My husband said that the little boy had the BIGGEST grin on his face.  My husband was taking photos and video snipits of the kids and the mother walked over to him (still crying) and asked if that was our daughter, she expressed how he had been to this event the last 2 years and had never been on the dance floor.  She explained how he had told his mom that he wanted to dance with the “other” kids and not just his Mom.  She said she couldn’t remember the last time she saw him THAT happy.

I get teary eyed every time I think of this, I want my kids to see the difference they can make in someones life- and this event is just one way that they are able to help me do that. My kids still talk about that evening and all the sick kids that they admire for being so strong.  It changed them forever, and I want to keep that memory fresh in their minds,

So, why am I sharing all this with you?  Well, if you were following me on my FACEBOOK page yesterday you saw my announcement, my plea really- for donations.  I am in the prep phase as I stated earlier, and part of that process is getting our RAFFLE PRIZES so we are able to sell raffle tickets at my STAMP CAMP for those prizes.  If YOU or anyone you know or even the company you work for are able and willing to donate anything from gift cards, sporting or event tickets, restaurant gift cards, or something that correlates with your company- I would LOVE YOU FOREVER!!  You or your company can donate cash, and if you would like a tax deduction for that donation please let me know and I will get you the info needed for that.

In the next few months you will see and hear me talk about MY STAMP CAMP LHP FUNDRAISER more, I will be offering project kits that you can purchase and complete at home if you can’t make it to the event. I have several left from last year that I will be offering for sale in the next few weeks.  100% of the money raised from registration fees, project kit fees, and raffle sales goes to the LITTLE HERO’S PROM!!!  Won’t YOU help me make this year BETTER than the last? Any donation is appreciated :-)


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