Giftable Workshop FULL MONTY!

Here it is, mostly, in all its glory. I will list below each item and what it will cost in case you are curious. Man have I been racing around trying to get all these things done too, there is ONE more item that I haven’t completed yet. It is My EAT Display Board…that will be shown later this week or next. I am super excited about this workshop event though, I hope everyone likes the projects you can select from. There is a wide range for the costs of different items, the highest priced item is $30 and the least expensive is $2. So want to know what they all are??? OK- I will list them from left to Right back row to front.

Eat Display Board (not shown) $30/ea.

Give Thanks Frame $18/ea

Girls Floral Cork Board $15/ea

Boys Skater Cork Board (not shown) $21/ea

Clear Jingle Cookie Plate $7/ea

Memo Cork Board $20/ea

Magnetic EAT recipe Display $13/ea

Chocolate Treat Bag $3/ea

Jingle Jar $12/ea

Jack-O-Lantern Jar $10/ea

ABC Baby Wall Hanger $20/ea

Spooky Spider Jar $15

Halloween Pail $4/ea

Baby Float Frame $16/ea (hard to see in the photo)

Snow Flurry Pail $10/ea

Pumpkin Pillow Box Bucket $2/ea **FREE REFERRAL PROJECT***

Floral Mug $4/ea

Holiday Bag Topper $2/ea

Joy & Love Jar $10/ea

Mini Holiday Candy Jar $3/ea

If you RSVP & bring a friend that is NOT already on my mailing list you get to make the Pumpkin Pillow Box Bucket for FREE, for each person that you bring. If your guest wants to make some projects please have them RSVP with you and pre-pay for their projects so I can be sure to get all the items we will need for that night. Simply email me at Hope you enjoyed and make it a great day!


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