Fun Storage Tutorial For Mailing List Members

With a few hours of free time yesterday, I decided to create some storage for my markers (which I have been meaning to do for some time). I am the kind of crafter that needs to SEE the supplies or products in order for them to get used… and my markers are needed for sure! I will show you what I created and what I WAS going to get instead, before I came up with the genius DIY project.
I was going to drive an hour to hit IKEA to get these
But I would have needed several and they were like $14+ and I thought with gas and all that these would be WAY more $$ than if I could make something on my own. Today when I was cleaning out my cabinets (getting ready to restock them with groceries) I noticed that I had several of these Crystal Light containers…
Then it came to me! Marker storage!! So I grabbed me a few zip-ties and got to work!
I have a little surprise coming for my MAILING LIST MEMBERS!!
These were SUPER easy to create and I am putting together a tutorial video on how I made this that I will share with ALL of my MAILING LIST MEMBERS later this month! I love giving them exclusive offers. If you are not already a member,
The lucky winner of theses awesome prizes is- SANDY!
she left this comment… Sandy EMAIL ME and give me your snail mail address, and CONGRATS!!!


  1. cute use of the containers. but the crystal light in the pic looks more round. did you reshape them? I may have to drink some Crystal light lol

  2. Yay! That’s me! I’m local, can meet ya somewhere out!

  3. Genius!! This looks like these containers were designed just for this use! Clean and simple, makes your markers available, inexpensive and recycles!! What more could you want! Amazing idea!

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