Fun Project for a GIFT!!

Hey There Stampers!  I made a few of these CUTE note pad cases for an upcoming craft fair this weekend, and thought that I would share with you a tutorial on how to make it for yourself.  Here are some stills… sorry the lighting is so bad, I am rearranging my office again (yes, again) and I dont have a rgeat place for pictures yet…
I made one for the Teacher Luncheon tomorrow at my kids school, hopefully the winning Teacher will enjoy it as much as I did making it. :)  I included coordinating cards, pens, and note pads too.

Here’s how it’s done…

Thanks for stopping by today guys, hope you enjoyed it.  Have a great Wed. and I am off to finish lighting my house for the Holidays while there is a reprieve it the cold weather or whether… I can never remember which one it is.


  1. Just curious…if you make these for a craft fair, what would be a fair price? I’m never good at the pricing part.

  2. Thanks for the video, BUT I made some totally in MDS was quick and easy, especially to change the colors. I saved as a jpeg and then printed them in word on to 8 1/2 X 14 paper. I sized the height as 7 and the width came out as 10.66 which worked fined. I made twelve in a very very short time. I cut my “legal Pad” to size myself because I couldn’t wait to have staples do it….but that too didn’t take to long to do.
    many thanks.

  3. oh my goodness Erin, those are STINKIN’ smart girlie! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Such a great teacher gift!

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