Friends Are The Best!

I have a simple post for you today.  I am busy getting geared up and ready to work another Craft Fair today, I am excited to share this FAB passion of mine with others.  So as I pack up and prep for today I want to share with you a little something I got in the mail yesterday, it warmed my heart when I opened the envelope.  I was going through my mail and saw an envelope addressed to me… I thought, Hmmmm I don’t remember someone mentioning that they were sending me a check for a class fee, what is this? So I opened it, cause heaven knows I rarely read the return address portion of envelopes before I rip them open, LOL!!

Here is what I found inside.

A special card from a friend warms the heart.

A special card from a friend warms the heart.

My sweet friend and fellow stamper Paulina sent me this adorable Thanksgiving themed card. I LOVE it!! I loved the sweet note that she wrote inside even better! I sat and looked at this awesome card for almost 10 minuets, and I grinned the whole time.  I remember when Paulina and I first met, she was referred to me through another stamping friend.  Paulina is such a FUN spitfire girl, and when she first started attending my classes she was always afraid to deviate from the samples, or take creative liberties with the projects. Then as time went on she got more and more courageous and creative, and now she is cranking out cards from home like a machine.  I am SOOOOOO proud, not because I feel like I had a hand in any of it- because honestly, I had very little.  What makes me so proud is to know that she loves and gets the same fulfillment from this crazy paper obsession as I do.  That’s awesome!!!

Paulina had surgery this week, and she will be missed for the next several weeks from my events and classes- how will I keep up on my Spanish lessons without her in class??  I am truly THANKFUL for each of my stamping friends for so many reasons, but what I love is that with each friend there is a unique quality that I have a connection with.  I am SO grateful for that!  To think that without the REFERRALS that my fantastic stampers give me I would never have gotten to know most of my stamping friends.  I am so honored each time one of my stamping friends refers me to a new stamper or want to be stamper.  I don’t take those referrals lightly, I cherish each one and want to help any stamper enjoy this craft to it’s fullest and help them feel empowered when it comes to creativity.

Some simple burlap ribbon completes this festive card.

Some simple burlap ribbon completes this festive card.

If you have a friend or someone you know that would benefit from my projects, inspiration, or advise- please feel free to send me their contact info and I will gladly add them to my circle of stamping friends.  I am always excited to include those who want to join me in this paper crafting craziness, and especially those who want to get started in stamping.  Please, won’t you introduce us?  To show my appreciation for sharing me with your friends I have a little treat for you “the referrer”, I love showering you with gifts from me.  Keep that in mind as you chat with your friends this week, and over this holiday season.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive a heart warming card, like Paulina’s?  Just think if you, or your friend, were to come to class and meet her, and many other of my amazing stamping friends- YOU too could develop the kind of friendship that I have with my wonderful friend, Paulina.


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