FREE- FREE- FREE, My Favorite WORD!!

Good Morning Stampers!!! I know you have already seen the AMAZING deal Stampin’ Up! is offering right now… A FREE BIG SHOT/$100 FREE PRODUCT!! Do you already have a Big Shot?  Then you can substitute your Big Shot for $100 worth of FREE PRODUCT!!! Yep, you can pick and choose all kinds of things up to $100- seriously!
Here is what is so amazing- no matter what kind of demonstrator you want to be you get a FREE BIG SHOT/$100 FREE PRODUCT!!!  So what would you HAVE to do if you decided to join my team?  It is up to you!!  You don’t have to be a local San Antonio crafter to join my team, I can help you even if you are in a far away city or another state.  I have team members in several different states and in a few different cities in TX.  So don’t let that stop you… with today’s technology you are just a moment away. :-)
If you are looking for a creative outlet and a way to make money doing it, then becoming a demo is for you- and you get a FREE BIG SHOT/$100 FREE PRODUCT right now for doing it.  Your only requirement to stay “active” is to sell or purchase $300 every quarter- which is SO do-able, and I can help show you how! ** OR **
If you just want to get a 20% discount on all your Stampin’ Up! products then sign up now!  You don’t have to hold classes or workshops if you are not interested in that.  You get 20% instant income on all product that you sell, and if you are buying for yourself then you get a 20% discount.  Not to mention right now you get a FREE BIG SHOT/$100 FREE PRODUCT on top of it all!!!
If all you really want is the FREE BIG SHOT/$100 FREE PRODUCT don’t be ashamed :-) so you join my team NOW and you get $345+ worth of product in your starter kit (totally customizable, you pick and choose the items you want and I can help you where you have questions) for just $175, and you also get your FREE BIG SHOT/$100 FREE PRODUCT right now.  So you sign up get all your FREE stuff and wonderful product and if you don’t hit the $300 quarterly minimum by March then you are dropped and you no longer get the 20% discount- no hard feelings, no obligation, no penalties, NOTHING!!!
AND, if you ever wanted to sign up again at a later date you totally can- there are no future restrictions for dropping.  I will tell you that being a part of my team is AWESOME!!!  We do monthly meeting to generate creativity and help build each others businesses, if you are interested.  As a member of my team you are invited to be a part of our Stamp Camp events and get the opportunity to make money!  If you are not interested in having classes/workshops I have several ideas on how you can still generate orders and business that I will share with you too!  And if you JUST want to get the FREE BIG SHOT/$100 FREE PRODUCT then take advantage NOW and you will still get creative ideas and projects from me, and don’t worry I never try and push demo’s into growing their business if they are not interested.  I am here for support, not for stress :-)
CLICK HERE to get started and join today, then click the JOIN NOW button on the left side bar of my Demo Website.  If you want to see the items that are included in your Starter Kit then click on the image below to see what things you can choose from.  If you see an item on the form that you don’t want- then switch it out for a similar item (stamps for stamps, accessories for accessories) of equal or lesser value.  The only time you can’t make a switch is if there is a shaded area where you would note your alternate item number.
 I hope you decide to join my team, we are such an unruly crazy and FUN crew!  If you have any questions PLEASE contact me at and I look forward to assisting you!  Have a great weekend and until next time~

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