Freak Out Mode In FULL Effect!

Ever have weeks where you wish you had prepared better and officially enter into FREAK OUT MODE for an extended period of time?  So I have to admit that I have been pretty lackadaisical for the last few months when it comes to preparing for my Grand Vacation from Stampin’ Up! because I thought I had it all under control… YOU got any good “cruising” packing, organization, or all around advise that I could use?  I haven’t even started packing yet… well I admit that it could be worse but it could also be BETTER!! So as of today…

Panic Pic

it’s official

I WILL have everything completed by the end of TODAY but, I was hoping to have it done by yesterday… well so much for that, LOL!!  What in the world am I referring to, you wonder?? Well, I was working so hard to get ALL of my MAY CLASSES posted and live for May 1st BUT the 3rd will have to do.  I have been CUTTING, SORTING & PACKAGING PROJECT KITS, TYPING TUTORIALS, RECORDING & EDITING VIDEOS all to prepare for YOU to enjoy some FUN and adorable projects in the upcoming weeks!

I am also doing a TON of planning and prep work for my upcoming CATALOG KICK-OFF LUAU– and it’s going to be a BLAST!!!

I have some EXCITING announcements to share tomorrow and later today the May ONLINE CLASSES will be available and ready to take advantage of in my HSS SHOP.  If you want to be sure you get notified as soon as they are ready then JOIN MY MAILING LIST and you will be the first to hear!!  I also have a FREE PROJECT TUTORIAL coming to my MAILING LIST MEMBERS to enjoy while I am away in the Western Caribbean next week, to get the FREE GIFT simply JOIN MY MAILING LIST, it’s FREE TO JOIN!!!


  1. meghan walker says:

    I love random fb giveaways!!!! And since i have to miss your new catty kickoff party ill take a free space in youR suitcase on this awesome trip of yours!!! Lol

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